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    To me a hot horse, in short, is one that once something sets them off they can be hard to settle again. Whether they become forward, spooky or evasive in other ways.

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    out west


    When you sneeze you end up at the other side of the ring in one second!

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    I agree with TrakHack that "hot" is in the eye of the beholder.

    This may not come across correctly, so please bear with me: I think that "hot" is often used about horses (at least out here in KS) in the same way "bi***" is often used towards women, if that makes any sense. Again, no offense intended.

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    Hmmm. Yeah, I don't automatically equate hot with sensitive. My older boy is ultra-sensitive and can get worried easily but he's usually quick to trust me when I tell him he'll live. He will always come back down from being spooky, although he has a BIG spook. But he's got a quiet nature and we tend to communicate softly with each other, if that makes sense. Nervous, handsy people make him very unhappy and anxious, but not in a "I'm going to take off!!" way.

    My previous horse was more like what I would think of as hot- he was like a muscle car, and had an engine you could practically hear. Our communication was constant and sometimes very loud (I don't mean animal communicator stuff, here, I'm talking about the normal discussions riders have with their horses through their aids, voice, body language, etc). He was extremely busy in his brain and body and I was always roping him back into paying attention.
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