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    Default Horse Magazine interview with Jan Greve


    Lots of very interesting things he says in the interview. Lots of thoughts on OCD and the need for the canter in a dressage horse and how to decide what to breed to what.

    This is a must read for breeders.

    In fact, I'm reading all the archived articles in The Horse Magazine's breeding section and they are ALL interesting. Chris Hector is a very, very valuable resource and deserves huge compliments for his journalism and commentary on breeding.
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    You need the power of a good mare. That is the part that people forget, you need the power of a family. If you don’t have much money you are better to buy not such a good mare from a good family than buy a good mare from a shit family – she will never breed, she doesn’t have the genes to breed. This mother was a very small Lucky Boy mare, 158 cm, I think she was a twin, she was born in the field but this little thing has bred unbelievable horses in dressage and showjumping. That’s a very strong mare. It is not always the individual that you look at – that’s a fault of the fashion world, they look too much for the special horse, they want a star mare or a kur mare. You need a good family, that’s the only thing that comes back.”

    Wise words.

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    Bingo ! I've been preaching it for years. Better to buy a mediocre mare from a powerful stamm than a super model from a shit stamm.

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    I deleted my last post because it was too wordy.

    Very interesting reading. I'm not a breeder but I like to read about these things because it might come in handy while shopping.

    This may be a subject for a different thread, but was Ratina Z's performance as a broodmare as much of a "dud" as he indicates? I looked her up on Horse Telex after learning about it on here. She has 8 listed, 2 showjumpers at an international level. The two early ones have reproduced very well, so well I'm surprised she went on to a showjumping career! Are the later ones not as good or is too early to tell? They seem quite young to be able to tell what their offspring will do.

    Also, I was a bit taken back by his descriptions of orphans. I've ridden a couple and have been around a couple of others and although a little quirky they were good horses. The breeders must have known what they were doing when they raised them, as naturally I've heard horror stories too.

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    I used to ride a lot of horses that came from Jan Greve. My boss who dealt in eventers and dressage horses had a business relationship with him.
    I fell in love with one Julio Mariner gelding.

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