16.1 Chestnut Tb Maiden Mare for sport horse breeding. She raced 9 times and placed in a black type race (whatever that means) Very well bred. We've had her 3 years trying to rehab her. We were told that she hurt herself when she was young, being run through a fence by another horse and never ran well after. We just found out that her bad stifles were not ligament, as originally thought, but were due to complex miniscus tears in both stifles. She should not be ridden. She was being schooled to be a jumper/event horse. She is built to jump. Good with other horses. Feel free to contact me for more information 203-953-1110. I do have pictures of her and pictures of her legs but I can't seem to get the pictures to post

This mare is really nice which is why we were willing to try to rehab her soundness issues and I'm heartbroken to find that we've been asking her to do something she shouldn't be doing. She has a big enough heart that she's been jumping really big fences even with the tears. I want to be sure that she is NEVER ridden again.

I'd be happy to have anyone speak with my vets for a full understanding of her unsoundness. It is not an unsoundness caused by conformational issues. Her xrays are all excellent and her bones and ligaments are incredibly good and tight suggesting that she would pass on good soundness to her babies.