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    Default Cat is way too smart/cute... PICS!

    Wish I had a picture to prove it, I'm sure she'll make this a habit.
    (Why yes I am psychic, now with photos!)

    Our littlest cat, Roxi, at a whopping 8lbs with 7 toes will eventually take over the world, we are convinced, one screen door at a time! We moved 3 weeks ago into a huge old cobblestone house that she and the others enjoy racing around at Mach 2 at random times during the day. All our cats are indoor/outdoor and we kept them in for the first week at the new place and slowly let them out to explore. At the old house, Roxi figured out very quickly that if she climbed the screen door (it would therefore bang in the frame) and she would be let in. Trained us humans pretty quickly to that. She also knew how to time it so that just as I sat down to breakfast, Roxi could launch herself at eye level, stare into my blinking eyes and meow.

    New place also has a screen door, but it latches, ergo no banging therefore no more well trained human door openers. I'm usually pretty good about calling the her in after a couple minutes (she doesn't like to be out long), but DH left her and another out last night... He gets up this morning, opens door to let the 2 in, no Roxi to be seen. Now this cat never misses a meal! He calls her, hears a pitiful meow that is her call sign. Calls again, meow comes from above his head! Our front door has a very deep frame from the house being stone, so above the actual front door is a space with original stained glass about 12" tall. The screen door also has a a 12" gap that someone filled with a tension-spring screen window with maybe a 2" ledge between it and the screen door. Unfortunately, that filler fell out 2 days ago and we just haven't gotten to putting it back up.

    Roxi had scaled the entire screen door and was perched on the 2" ledge!
    He grabs her, feeds them and thinks it's a one time thing.

    I let her out later this morning. 2min later I hear "mmrow!" and see a shadow on my kitchen floor. Look up, she's done it again, staring at me through the stained glass!

    Cats... they keep you on your toes!
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    She sounds like a smart one, and, yes, we need pictures.
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