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    Feb. 14, 2012
    Fern Creek, KY

    Smile My dogs have no volume control!

    When they play, at least. I like that they bark at people who pull in the drive way or come into the house. They have the 'shush' command down pat.

    However, we've had our neighbors over twice in the past week worried that we have a dog fight going on. Anytime we put them out in the backyard together, they get to romping and it quickly escalates into full scale yips and growls and barks. They have fun plowing each other over and getting the zoomies out and I have a good time watching them. The little one taught the big one, I think.

    I am worried that our neighbors are going to call in a noise complaint so we rotate them for early morning and late night potty time.

    Anybody else have dogs that get a little bit too into playtime?

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    Mar. 11, 2007


    Oh yeah! My old Aussie can't keep up with the rough housing any more so she barks to make up for it! When all five of the dogs are wrestling around and running it gets pretty chaotic-the chi is quite the yapper too so we have the full sound range represented from chi soprano to Great Pyrenees bass! Luckily none of our neighbors notice or care!

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    Apr. 4, 2010
    Lowcountry, SC


    Our weimaraner is quite the noise maker... Vocal about everything! He sounds like he's wrestling a bear when playing bitey face with another dog. Thankfully it's just rambunctious noise, though we did just get a pitty adopted out who, though playing and not inflicting harm, sounded like she was slaughtering something! We would have to intervene every so often to tell them to cool it, and they'd pause (usually the pitty and the corgi mix), panting and looking absolutely pleased with themselves... Only to start back up with WWE seconds later.
    If neighbors and noise was a concern, I'd probably do what you're doing, rotate during the quiet times. You could encourage quieter, less intense play, but some are just loud like that!

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    Feb. 14, 2008


    Our 3 can get going for sure!! Our boxer though is the worst. All he does is bark in the other dogs faces, his way of trying to get them to chase him. Our BC mix even though she is 10 this year can still out run and out play both the 3 yr old boxer and 2 yr old doberman.

    I can get them to go out and just potty so there is no need to rotate during quiet hours.

    But once they come inside it can be WWE, thank god our house is well insulated!!!!

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