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    Default Bay Area CA peeps - how much for A shows?

    Hi - Back to showing after 10 years. My hubby has asked for a spreadsheet of costs for showing for the year (serious cringe). Can someone give me a approx. cost per show. Local "A" shows - will go approximately 1.5-2hrs from barn with trainers. I would like to send my green horse just for schooling at her first show - so perhaps no entry fee's but for the rest of the year she'll be in the baby hunter classes. I'll do approximately 4-6 shows a year. A friend said around $2k a show - is that right!? I'm a little scared..that would be $12k in shows a year for 6 shows..... NOT including the monthly training/board that you continue to pay. Thanks...I have a hard time searching on CLOTH - can never seem to get exactly what I'm looking for.

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    You don't want to know. Can you spell, Expensive!

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    Apr. 3, 2011


    Depends on your barn. Since you will have a horse in the hunters, it will be more expensive, so I'd say that the $2k per show estimate is about right. I don't know what barn you will be with, but I know that depending on the trainer's fees, this can look a bit more like $2500-$3000 for a large, AA show, where you are paying braider, all the class fees, groom, trainer day fee, and some barns have extra fees for show set-up maintenance, hauling, and "day care" (where you have literally nothing to do with your horse until you get on: the barn takes care of all logistics, including packing/unpacking to get to the show, repacking/unpacking to get home, keeping track of tack, AM hacks, etc.).

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    $2k is about right, unfortunately. Obviously give or take a bit, depending on your program.

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    Ask your trainer... but yes, 2k sounds right.

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    You know what I did? One of the shows at Brookside had online entries through shownet? Someone help me here. So I plugged in how much it would cost to take my pony down and do like 5 long stirrup classes. Now this was alone, no trainer/hauling/schooling/etc fees. $600. And that was doing like 2 classes one day, two the next and one the last. And there was a mandatory stall fee which is dumb since I live like 45 min away and would have just trailered in. I knew that they were expensive but I'm pretty sure now that if I ever do one I won't be doing any other shows that year. Probably the year after. And my husband may divorce me for spending that much on one show.

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    When I lived in the bay area, I budgeted about $2500/show... a little more if they were far enough away that hotel was required for trainer/grooms and hauling was more expensive, a little less if they were close to home. My show office bill was usually around $1k, the rest went to daycare/grooming/training/braiding/etc.

    I had one friend who always put her show bills on her credit card and paid it off before interest accrued- I think she paid for several very nice vacations on points from horse show bills.

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    Holy cow! I thought dressage was expensive

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    Depending on your barn and how many people show, can change it up a bit. You would split fees and it would be dependent upon how many others you are sharing the cost with. Also depends on the show you are going to and class fees etc.

    Here is an example of recent show fees and what you can expect:

    Hauling: $500.00

    Barn show fees: 875.00
    (expenses, bedding and grooms)

    Trainer fees: approx $200.00

    Trainer split: approx 180.00
    (hotels, travel, etc)

    Show grounds: $1,000.00
    (stall, entries, grooms stalls)

    Braiding: $110.00 a day (4 days - 440.00)

    Groom tip: approx $20.00 a day (6 days 120.00)

    Not including your fuel, food and hotel.

    Cost = $3,315.00 But this would be for 6 days approx at the show and you really need to get a cost sheet from your barn.
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    I recently moved from the bay area, but I used to budget $1500/show (not including my own food/gas/hotel expenses) - BUT I showed jumpers (no braiding), did all my own riding, hauled my own horse, and usually arrived on Wednesday night or Thursday morning (saved money by missing the first day or two). If I came earlier in the week or planned to stay through to the second week, I bumped that to about $2000/week.
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