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    Default Dare I hope?

    Bred my mares last week. One, all went as well as you hope. The other, not so much. My vet was sure she was going to ovulate within 12 hours, ok great. Went back in the morning to check to see if she had, and nope, she had not. Vet goes to give her an HCG shot, which I thought it was too late by then?? Anyway, he's the vet so fine. Oh, but to find out he doesn't even have any to give her! Then vet suggests order more semen and AI again the next day, and pray she doesn't ovulate before then. Fine. Call SO to order and stallion has already left for a show since no one thought he would be needed that weekend. (I want to be clear, I have no bad feelings toward SO, she is great to work with!)

    Sooo, there is the possibility my mare ovulated later that day and it could all be fine, that's just not my kind of luck though!

    Fast forward exactly a week and mare was acting strange toward my gelding. While hand grazing him after a bath he was near her paddock and she came over all nickering/grunting. Lots of arched neck heavy sniffing on both horses. Mare allows him to bite her shoulder, but then squeals, strikes, turns her butt to him, not in a nice way. This went on for a few mins as I wanted to see where it would go. This is NOT normal for this mare. She is quiet, docile. Her normal reaction to this gelding when I hand graze him there is to quietly stand near by, or pin her ears and take a half hearted snap at him then walk away.

    So, should I be getting my hopes up that there will be a dot when we check? Certainly she is not still in heat? I don't want to get my hopes up, but her out of character activities today are making me wonder. What do you guys think?
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    I wouldn't be surprised to find out she settled. I had a mare who finally ovulated five days after being inseminated. My vet suggested I short-cycle her, but I opted to wait it out. The resulting foal is now five.

    Good luck!

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