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    Default Horse blocks sound in hip joint - help! Anybody w/ success stories?

    Anybody had this happen?

    This is the same mare that a neuro diagnosis a few months ago from a lameness specialist (been unrideable since summer when we moved to a hilly state). My regular vets (who have neuro training) didn't get my email for the vids, and when I asked about euthanizing where like 'Say WHAT???'.

    They then looked at them and said 'that horse is SORE, not neuro!'.They did an exam and said - if she was neuro at all it was VERY mild - like <1. Then we had a bizarre go-round w/ Elisa testing for EPM.

    So I decided to let my emotions and wallet recover for a couple months before re-addressing things.

    She blocked out sound at the hip joint - hip joint, not SI. Am going back for a hip ultrasound in a couple weeks to see if we can see anything else w/o putting her out for pelvic x-rays. I don't know what all they can see in the joint...subluxation, I think? Maybe more?

    From everything I've heard things in the hip joint are pretty grim as far as prognosis goes....just wondered if anybody had any experiences one way or the other....

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    My mare had one of her hip joint injected, more or less the same as a hock joint would be injected. It's trickier to inject the hip joint because it's buried under more muscle, and the vet has to do more probing with a longer needle to make sure it's actually in the joint, but it's doable.

    The big problem can be that because it usually takes quite a while to determine that the hip joint is the culprit, the horse can develop other, compensatory issues in the meantime. That certainly happened with my mare. She's had both hock and SI injections (before the vets decided that it was most likely the hip joint), and she's still got a hitch in her gait at the trot. So hers is a somewhat qualified success story.
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    Yeah - she was sore on all 4's, both hind suspensories, and both stifles from compensating.

    Tx for the info...Didn't know they could do that on horses (altho I get it done on me a couple times a year!).

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