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    Default Sub-q fluids make cat sore?

    I had to bring my cat to the vet Wednesday after a pukey weekend and not bouncing back like normal. He ended up getting some bloodwork, a shot for nausea, and some sub-cutaneous fluids. Although he's perkier and eating again, we notice he's seems hesitant/sore getting up onto the couch/chair, etc, and will take a longer route to get down a lower way from somewhere if possible.

    Could the fluids have made him sore?

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    My cat has been on sub-q fluids for a year and a half now and I never noticed him getting sore from them.

    This may not have anything to do your guy because Thomas does have crf but did they check his blood pressure? The reason I ask is that my guy developed really high bp and one retina completely detached and the other one partially detached. The handouts they gave me on bp said that hesitancy jumping down or climbing up could be due to impaired vision.

    Otoh, he could just not feel good in general.

    Reg. Thomas, my guy - luckily with bp meds his left eye is completely back to normal and his right eye is still getting better. The retina is partially reattached now.

    I hope your cat feels better soon!

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    Yes, they can make them sore. Whether that's the issue or not, can't really say.

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    Generally no...SQ fluids done properly wouldnt cause any lasting soreness. It may feel "funny" with a lump of fluids for an hour or so untl it disperses. It can cause a sting during adminsteraton depending on the type of fluid used.

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    If they accidentally nicked the muscle while trying to give SQ fluids, it's possible that he's sore from that. But it's also possible that he's got soreness from something else. I would circle back with your veterinarian and see what they think.
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