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    Oct. 1, 2012


    I'm so glad this question was brought up and moreso that Action42 (a vet) answered it. I feel like I bug the hell out of my vet. She is wonderful and an absolute Godsend. She gave me her cell phone and I have called her with questions, however I always say on the voicemail that it is not a major issue and she can get back to me whenever. If I need her for something right away, I go through the office, that way I can get an appt and they can dispatch her. She had mentioned texting her that way she can respond when she gets the chance. My vet has repeatedly said that she likes knowing what is going on with my horse and has in fact sent me messages on FB asking how things were going. I apologize to her all the time for calling/texting however but she has repeatedly said she wants the lines of communication open. At first when I started using this vet, I was surprised that the office said "Oh here is her number, give her a call". This practice is great about communication and the vets want to know how the horses are. As a neurotic owner, it is such a relief!

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    Oh boy. I agree that if you are worried about overdoing it you might be. Step away from the phone.

    That being said, I do have my vets cell number. And my dog vet's cell number. That is because I do not pester and have earned the privilege. Unless its a situation that makes me go *gulp* I do not bother them. And if it is that kind of situation, I find they appreciate me being able to text a picture and ask "do you need to come now??" instead of having a bad situation get worse or overreacting.

    Technology is helpful but try to keep the questions 9 - 5 (a vet can dream right!?) and short. Yes and no answers are fine but an involved explanation probably deserves a barn call and fee.

    Just my experience as one busy person to another...

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    Call his office and leave a message when you have a question so he can call you back at his convenience; unless he specifically asks you to call his cell phone. All the vets I know keep their cell phones on them at all times and it can be really disruptive when they're trying to tube a horse, inject a joint, etc and the phone keeps ringing.

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    Thanks! Awesome responses!

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    Jun. 7, 2006


    I drive the vet crazy the completely opposite way.

    Phonecall at work: Your horse is colicky. The vet is here chiropracting someone else, do you want her to look at him?
    Me: Can she give him 10ccs of banamine IV? Banamine and syringes are in my trunk.
    Vet gets on phone: Do you want me to do a colic exam?
    Me: Nope. Just the banamine for now, thanks.
    Vet: But...
    Me: If 30 minutes later he rolls over and sticks his legs up in the air while you are still chiropracting your list, call me back.

    Horse pooped w/in 10 min of the banamine.

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    If I can't figure out the answer to my question myself (through internet, books, asking fellow horsemen) I will ask the vet. Most of the time, I can figure it out on my own, and the next time I see the vet, will make sure I have the correct answer.

    I just had a lameness exam done on my horse, and the vet made sure to tell me I could call, text, or e-mail if I had any questions. I will only take advantage of his generosity if it's something I cannot figure out, or it's something to do with med dosage.

    Like somebody else said, if you think it's too much - it probably is.
    "On the back of a horse I felt whole, complete, connected to that vital place in the center of me...and the chaos within me found balance."

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