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    I am guessing that you are not a parent because you are playing favorites. Don't you want to develop the other 3 to their full potential ?

    You need to allow everyone to develop and give the other girls (who I am guessing are paying the same rates for your business) their own opportunities to advance. Kids are very different some will shine in some areas others need different opportunities but every kid needs to be provided an opportunity to do well. If they fail, you need to explain that to them as well. Good luck kids are not for the faint of heart.

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    It's your business so run it how you see fit. If people are jealous it's really their problem.

    Let them go to other barns and see there is always going to be someone better than them and there will always be someone that may "appear" to be the favorite. (regardless if they are or they are not).

    As long as they are getting what they are paying for in your lessons and their horses are being cared for properly, I really would keep doing what you feel it best for your business.

    I see you edited your post........ sorry you are dealing with something that is difficult. We are all human, make mistakes and need to figure out things. Good luck!
    "The horse should pay attention to two things only: the rider’s aids and his own self-preservation at the jump—not the environment. ~ GM

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