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    Default Owners of Horses with Respiratory Disease -Survey

    For my AP Biology class I will be doing a final project on Equine Respiratory Disease. I am in need of people who either own/ed or have worked with horses who suffer from various respiratory diseases. I would like those people to fill out a survey for me to gauge the severity of the disease and to observe other things related to the disease.

    Thank you very much!

    Questions will be answered and are appreciated if you have them, although I do not frequent this board as you can see.
    This is a cross post from a few other places, I need as many people to take this as possible. If you know of someone outside of COTH who would owns or works with a horse suffering from respiratory disease I would very much appreciate it if you could pass the survey or my email along.

    E-mail sbi inspired at gmail dot com No spaces, all lowercase.

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    down south


    Was going to do the survey but the horse I had that had these issues I had to put down 2 years ago and a lot of the questions are aimed toward right now.
    Horses aren't our whole life, but makes our life whole

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    I'm sorry for your loss. Thank you for taking the time to look at the survey, though. Unfortunately I cannot edit it to make the time frame more friendly for all situations. However, if you are still interested I would be fine with you adapting the questions to fit the situation. (Ex. 2 months prior to the time the horse was lost or right before the horse was lost) There is a comment box as the last question at the bottom of the page, if you do decide to adapt and complete the survey then just say so in the comment box at the bottom.

    ETA: the survey is set so that you may take it as many times as you'd like but cannot edit, so incomplete surveys will be disregarded and if you exit you would need to start over to finish. I set it up this way as I figured some may have more than one horse and I would like an abundance of data. Errors can be corrected by e-mailing/PMing me about it.

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    Apr. 11, 2013


    Bumping up as tonight is the final night that the survey will be open, I would appreciate more replies to help with data.
    Thank you

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