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    Default Anyone have a horse diagnosed with navicular without the typical presentation?

    My guy is lame 1/5 on the left front; my vet and another vet he consulted have looked at the Xrays and diagnosed navicular (they see something there that is borderline problematic). He doesn't have and has never had the short-stridedness, shuffling and toe-first (or is it heel-first, can't remember) landing. Even when he's head bobbingly lame (his lameness is intermittent), he still moves out nice and big. He's had all the corrective shoeing, etc., and his feet look quite good now (he had the long toe, low heel thing going on), but it hasn't improved his soundness.

    Anyway, my trainer and I are beginning to think it might be a neck, withers or back issue instead (he's going to be sent to the vet school clinic for a workup). It could of course be soft tissue in the foot.

    But, just curious, has anyone had a horse like this, without the typical symptoms, diagnosed with navicular and it did in fact turn out to be navicular?

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    Navicular is funny - I had a horse who very clearly showed navicular in x-rays who was totally sound jumping 4' courses and working hard.

    Some horses have navicular problems when there's barely anything going on. My trainer has a stallion who showed symptoms at 4 and from the workup he got vets thought he'd have to be put down by 5. Instead, he went barefoot and has been going well to the point he's now schooling GP dressage.

    It sounds like the full workup is a good idea because other indications make you think it's something else, but it very well could be navicular despite not fitting the textbook symptoms - it's just so unpredictable how horses will show it. I think very often those who are closest to the situation get a feeling for the problem even if it's not easily diagnosed just from being around and paying attention to the horse - so since the examinations so far haven't been certain, I think you're on the right track.
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    Thanks, netg. It's a very long and convoluted story, as these lameness stories often go. My trainer suggested the possibility after we watched him go on the lunge (sound) and then she got on him (unsound and the way he felt to her and was holding himself suggested maybe not hoof after all). She's not one at all to latch onto the latest "fad" diagnoses, very old school. Anyway, we'll see.

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