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    Quote Originally Posted by War Admiral View Post
    Well, I can get a used, high-hours, OLD small tractor or a spanky new JD (with that awesome discount you get with your USEF membership!) lawn mower.

    It's not *just* price that makes me think riding lawn mower, it's the fact that it's on very low-lying ground, in a mountain valley, and it's naturally irrigated from a spring-fed pond as well, so I fear even the extra weight of a small tractor might chew the grass up more than is necessary. (No rocks BTW.)

    Good point, the little Kubota tractor has regular tires so you don't tear up the ground, but you can put it in 4 wheel drive and OD if you need more power

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    I would not get a Zero Turn for one reason only. They are dedicated lawn mowers and are useless for anything else. I find that being able to pull a cart behind my lawn mowers is extremely handy. I fill the cart with muck and manure and haul it to the dumping place. With a Zero Turn (those mowers are godawful expensive for the commercial ones) that would not be possible. For the cost of a new Zero Turn, you can get a JD mower that is diesel powered and has a much smaller turning radius. You can attach a lawn vacuum to that mower and suck up manure if you are so inclined.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vineyridge View Post
    For the cost of a new Zero Turn, you can get a JD mower that is diesel powered and has a much smaller turning radius.
    A radius smaller than zero?

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    Are there any equipment rentals near you? If so, and assuming they have a decent selection, you could try out several different machines and see for yourself what works best on your land and for you.
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    I do 9 acres with my 46" cub cadet. It takes me about 3 hours in the pasture and 1 hour around the house. I do have 1 pretty big hill in my pasture and 1 on the side of my house. I do get stuck if the grass is real dewey. And I do get pretty bad tractor back if I do the pasture all in 1 day.

    A bigger mower would be nice, but what i have is feasible.

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    We used to try to mow our 10-acre pasture with a garden tractor, but it took a LONG time and was hard on the tractor, plus mowed too short. In the past couple of years, we've rented a tractor with a pull-behind mower from the local rental place. Comes all loaded on its own big trailer. Works much better than the garden tractor (better for brush-hogging too). IIRC, it's about $300 for 24 hours. We try to mow the pastures about twice a year. Much cheaper than buying a rig.

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    Quote Originally Posted by War Admiral View Post
    Oooh THANK YOU Frank, that one looks good! What size cutting deck do you have? The 54"?
    Mine is the 48" cut. I have some tight places to mow through. Maneuvering is where the Hydrostatic drive really pays off. I also have the locking differential because of some soft spots. To get that, I also had to take the power steering which I thought was kind of useless for a tractor that size -- until the first time I cut the grass!
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