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    Default Best orthepedic dog bed (preferably under $75)?

    I have acquired a new dog- she has had one TPLO surgery and appears to need the other side done as well . I'm sure she has some significant arthritis from this and also due to the fact she's lived her entire life as a working dog in a concrete kennel. I want to find a good quality bed that washes easily. It also needs to be easy for her to get up off of; she has difficulty with anything slippery or too soft. Anyone have an suggestions?

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    I don't know about the pet beds but it might be cheaper to go to walmart and get some foam and make it yourself. Either make a "pillow cover" for it if you can or a soft fleece throw. They also have those hammock type beds that are easy to clean and easy for them to get on. I found old sleeping bags made great dog beds/covers. Folded over of course!
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    How about a baby crib mattress? I used a twin mattress as a dog bed for my Great Pyr until he tore it apart...

    It's $110 but there's a twin size memory foam mattress...

    Or you could put together a couple memory foam pillows depending on how big the dog is...

    I'm sure there is something more traditional and in one unit but that's a couple ideas.

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    I got one at Petsmart for $49 a couple of months ago for my Corgi with knee arthritis. Of course, now that she's on Previcox, she never sleeps on it!

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    I got one at PetSmart that is a 'normal' bed, but it has stiffer fabric on the sides and a definite "top" and "bottom" that gives a little more structure-Puff's is red with green and gold striped sides, with a non-slip underside. If the pillow inside is still too soft, it would probably be easier to get the 'egg crate' foam at Wal-mart and put it in that or any dog bed, since that's what's in a lot of the 'orthopedic' beds I saw at the pet store.

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    I have one of the Back on Track ones for my elderly arthritic GSD Breezy.
    I don't know if it helps at all, but she does like to sleep on it, choses it over her other dog beds located around the house, and the cats all chose to sleep on it too.

    Thank you to the people who suggested those 'egg crate' mattress liners, I am off to get one today to put under her other dog beds.

    Good luck OP!
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    OP, thank you for taking the (assuming) old girl in. My son's retired working dog took up residence here and this is his bed

    Because he was a large, tall dog and 120lbs, we purchased the largest size so he could stretch out. This bed has lasted six years so far and is still in great shape.
    Get the extra cover for laundering purposes.

    Kaos passed to the Bridge two years ago and the bed became home to two big hounds and a boxer, so we ended up getting the same bed for everybody. They still prefer to share the Big Guy's bed during storms however

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    I bought this from Drs Foster and Smith, but without the Scent-lok. My dog had TPLO surgery also. A few years ago I bought a foam bed off of EBay for the dog with hip dysplasia. It was around $60 and is 4" thick. It looks like the one below, but I did not pay that much for it.

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    Um, the couch, my husband's recliner, our king sized Temperpedic bed....

    I know, I know...
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