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    Default Supplement called Assure for ulcers?

    After a recent scoping on my horse revealed several ulcers, the vet recommended the course of Gastrogard, but also recommended using an OTC product once we're through with the Gastrogard. She said she's had several clients who have had good results with a product called Assure. I did a google search and searched the threads here, but couldn't find much about it. Has anyone heard of it or used it before? What kind of results did you have?

    Also, if anyone has any recommendations for another OTC ulcer product/supplement that you've used in the past, please tell me about it!

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    Maybe she ment Succeed? Many threads about it. Bottom line, many people feel it helps, but it is quite expensive. I make something similar- 1 cup oat flour+1 cup Flax meal+1teaspoon L-glutamine. Feed at a rate of 1/2 cup AM, 1/2 cup PM. To make a week's supply-6 cups oat flour+6 cups flax meal + 1/3 cup L-glutamine.
    I buy oat flour at Whole Foods in the bulk area. L-glutamine in their suppliment area and Omega Horse Shine ( stabilized flax meal) at Tractor Supply.

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    Arenus makes Assure and Assure Guard. Hopefully their website will give you some more info (I haven't used either product):

    I use U-Gard powder right now for 2 horses and see an improvement in "ulcer associated" behaviours (restlessness in stall, windsucking, etc). One horse is also much quieter and more consistent under saddle after a few weeks on it. It is messy, but has given me better results than the U-Gard pellets or liquid. I am still investigating other products to find something less messy, but am too chicken to change.
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    Assure Guard was recently recommended to me by my vet too. I'm using Platinum Gastric Support right now, considering the switch to AssureGuard when I run out.
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