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    Feb. 16, 2012

    Default Summer Head Gear; Fly-masks, Muzzles, Etc.

    So as of last week I moved my fat on air mare from half day turn out on 5 acres (half day in dry lot) to a 40 acre pasture. Last year she got wayyy too fat, and I know she's foundered from stress in the past so I try try try to keep her from reaching total obese-ness. I realize this isn't exactly the best decision for her but I just can't swing the time/ money commitment of the old barn

    She has now nicely integrated into her new herd and I'm thinking a muzzle would be in her best interest. However I've always ben totally against halters on horses and hate the rubs etc. So, what is your favorite brand/ style of muzzle? Do you put fleece on the halter? buy one that's integrated into the halter? What is your favorite break away halter? Does leather or nylon rub worse?

    Secondarily she lost my very nice cashell (sp?) fly mask right before a tornado last year, as you can guess it was never found. I liked the full nose but would that fit under the muzzle/ halter without adding to the rubbing? Perhaps lessen the rubbing? What if I sewed a piece of silk or something on the underside? What is your favorite brand? She's a TWH with a pretty normal sized head (not gigantic like some walkers lol)

    And lastly do any of those leg strappy thingies actually work at repelling flies? I was on my game the last few places and had nearly no flies this place in near cows and because it's just pasture board no real manure management :/

    However I want to add that I'm happy for the 24/7 out time and she seems to love having a whole herd again! Despite being very last in the pecking order :P

    Thanks for any input!

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    Aug. 7, 2012


    A muzzle will be a fantastic option for your horse. I have two for my horse, depending on her situation. I have one that attaches to an old, thin, soft leather halter with velcro. If my mare has to be out 24/7, I use this on because I can detach the velcro part and the muzzle comes off and I still have a halter on her. Otherwise, If I was trying to take a muzzle halter combo off and switch to a regualr halter, she would totally take advantage of the 10 second lag and take off to the other end of the field and play catch me if you can. Disaster.

    I have the muzzle intregrated type when she was on stall board last year because she was slightly easier to catch in the stall to put it on and its a lighter than the halter/muzzle combo.

    For rubs, I actually bought some neoprene covers from Best Friends (the company that makes muzzles) They covers cover up the metal rings and the buckles that were really rubbing her face. They are a lot better than fleece because they dry faster and are a lot easier to clean. If you go with fleece, get the real stuff and not the fake kind. I also got the kind that line the inside of the muzzle. These have helped a lot more than anything I have tried!

    Mine wears a cashel mask too. I dont have the nose piece because I dont think it would work well with a muzzle. I think the mask helps prevent rubs too if it fits correctly.

    Hope this helps! Rubs are a pain but founder is a lot worse!

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    Feb. 16, 2012


    Thanks ActNatural! Especially the info on the fuzzy vs non fuzzy stuff, I have a few I bid on on eBay so hopefully the muzzle will here here soon... off to go fly mask shopping I guess...

    oh and when she get's ticked off at me for muzzling her do you mind if I tell her it was your idea?

    oh and what brands are yours? I have a best friends i'm bidding on but I also saw that tough1 sells them much cheeper (and in colors!) and was thinking about trying one of those for the AIRab fern (Why must I have two fat ponies?)

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