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I went yesterday and ended up not showing. I showed up with my not-yet-pulled-mane gelding, all I had was a black a/p pad under my wintec a/p, and my tan breeches, yellow show shirt (I do have a jacket) and half chaos because my boots JUST came in Friday. Me thinking no problem, I'm just an intro A rider.

Uhm, everyone was braided and very traditional, I couldn't do it! The manager tried to urge me to French braid him, but I didn't even have a rubber band. We just schooled in the jumper derby field, with my yellow show shirt LOL, we did get quite a few stares. I'll save up for white breeches/show shirt/white pad and learn how to braid. Thankfully it looks easier then hunter buttons!
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At a schooling show that turnout would have been fine. The White breeches/pad etc are just fashion, not in the rules. The rules say light colored breeches so tan would be fine, nothing in the rules about shirt color. Braiding is optional at all shows including the licensed ones, but it is considered normal to braid in some manner at licensed shows. I regularly do schooling shows where I don't braid. And I don't own white breeches, not even for riding at FEI level.
Don't let the fashionistas intimidate you, it's about the way the horse goes not the clothes.
You turnout was fine for a rated/recognized show, so it is fine for a schooling show, too. Take Melyni's advice. Go in there and ride your best. That's all the judge wants to see.