I have a fantastically talented mare that has been having off-and-on foot soreness for the past few years. My sport horse vet finally said it might be a good idea to give her a year off to go barefoot, toughen up, and grow a completely new hoof. The combination of the mare's over-achieving jumping style and our jump footing being too shallow and hard have not been kind to her.

I don't want to breed the horse myself (I'd love a baby, but don't want to pay board and wait for 4 years before I can even sit on it) but she is such an amazing jumper that I feel she has a lot to offer as a broodmare. How often do responsible breeders look to lease a maiden mare like this? What are normal terms in a contract should something happen to the horse (severe colic, loss of life, etc)? Any advice would be appreciated!