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    Quote Originally Posted by pj View Post
    I didn't mean for it sound as if we had acres and acres of pasture. There is only 6-1/2 to 7 acres of actual pasture but it's good pasture which was thick wood land when I first bought it. No heavy equipment here so I've worked really hard on it.
    That is plenty to hay. We hay less than that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by merrygoround View Post
    Can't help but agree with those that hate using muzzles. However , even more than that I hate the word laminitis. So the muzzles go on.
    This, for sure - OP, I'm in the same club as you - my mare even looks a good bit like yours (just a little more roan-y, with a little less of a blanket) - and I bought the muzzle. My girl doesn't love it, but she's pretty well resigned to it - it clearly bothers me more than it does her!

    As an idea, though - if you wanted to give her limited turnout - what if you gave her her beet pulp BEFORE you turned her out? That way she won't be going out onto the good grass on an empty stomach and might maybe be a little more relaxed about it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sublimequine View Post
    I see the problem here. You obviously are in need of a hard keeper or two.

    Get thee to the sale barn!
    LOLLOL noooooooo. Just what I need, I would worry about the ones who get too fat and then I would worry about those that need to gain weight.

    Actually for most of my life I had 16.2h or more tbs. so these easy keepers kind of threw me for a loop. Big difference. Lots cheaper to keep but I think they are more worry.
    You know why cowboys don't like Appaloosas?" - Answer: Because to train a horse, you have to be smarter than it is.

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    but but but but.....3-4 hours a day on grass can cause a LOT of damage for an easy keeper. Id keep doing what you are doing and add in some hand grazing if you are feeling bad OR get a muzzle and turn her out!

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    I had a pony that wore a muzzle for half of his turnout.
    He went out in the morning with his muzzle on.
    At lunchtime we caught him and took it off.
    He always came because he knew the muzzle was going to come off.
    Use the same idea.
    And also keep an eye on the hole in the muzzle. Pony managed to stretch the hole to nearly three times its original size.
    The ones that attach to the nose and of the halter are better than the muzzled that have a halter built into them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ActNatural View Post
    but but but but.....3-4 hours a day on grass can cause a LOT of damage for an easy keeper. Id keep doing what you are doing and add in some hand grazing if you are feeling bad OR get a muzzle and turn her out!
    Not neccessarily, if you cut down on feed/calories in other ways (ie, removing morning hay feeding as OP had mentioned).

    If the horse was metabolic in some way, I'd understand the concern. But really, feeding an easy keeper isn't rocket science. Most of the time, anyways!
    Tell a Gelding. Ask a Stallion. Discuss it with a Mare... Pray if it's a Pony!

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    No, it's not rocket science, but it can be challenging, as so many horse maladies are related to overfeeding and the easy keeper is often most of the way there already. How is 3-4 hours of grazing and little else better than slow feeding for many hours per day?

    Lush green pasture in abundance is a human construct of ideal horsekeeping. It is not at all natural or normal for the horse itself, except perhaps for a few weeks in early spring for a lean, late-term pregnant mare with a yearling foal still nursing.
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