I'm so excited for them -- she has done a great job with Remy and working with good trainers who are impressed with him as well. Remy as the last foal (so far!) by my deceased Thoroughbred stallion, Master Huntsman and out of the last foal of my foundation mare, Metierofthefield. I still have frozen semen, not sure when I might use it as I'm not breeding right now. Carla and Remy started last year and went to the National Championships after just a couple of events at Beginner Novice, finishing 9th out of 33. They started at Novice in Jan at Poplar Place, finishing 6th. I have a half sister that I'm not riding much, need to figure out what to do with her and their dam and the dam's half brother, who is my retired dressage partner. I loved all the Metier babies. So glad for Carla and Remy and looking forward to seeing them compete again. This is the reward all breeders love!