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    I would definitely put in a cat flap. The window units are the easiest option for cats, and you don't have to worry about the collar required for the "cat-only" flaps getting hung up on something and killing kitty.

    cats are naturally nocturnal and don't normally sleep through the night, so expecting that to happen, or locking the cat up in a crate all night, isn't your best solution.

    another oft-overlooked option for interacting with cats, particularly cats who don't appear to appreciate being petted, is clicker-training tricks. Cats respond remarkably well to clicker training- it appeals to their mentality. They think they are figuring out how to get the owner to give them food on demand. Many of the more irritating behaviors of cats are all about cats trying to manipulate their owner's behavior- feed me now, let me in now, and so on, so you are playing the cat's game but turning it on its head and showing the cat more pleasing ways (to you) that the cat can get you to do what the cat wants.

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    I bet clicker-training would work very well with cats. Although DH doesn't use a clicker, he's trained our cats for years using positive reinforcement. He can get them to come on command, sit, lie down, fetch, etc.
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    Thanks for all the suggestions - I did read them carefully even though I haven't had a chance to respond. I am thinking about the idea that the cat is trying to interact rather than go in and out. I will play with this idea for a little while and see if we can satiate her need for inclusion during the day. We'll see.

    I'll also consider different kinds of cat door options. I love the idea of a window version if I can find one that fits anywhere.

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    Your thread made me chuckle. We have a cat named Echo, cuz you can always hear him talking somewhere. I also cal him MAC, Most Annoying Cat because he is annoying (duh) and always doing something stupid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by S1969 View Post
    Thanks for all the suggestions - I did read them carefully even though I haven't had a chance to respond. I am thinking about the idea that the cat is trying to interact rather than go in and out. I will play with this idea for a little while and see if we can satiate her need for inclusion during the day. We'll see.
    Good theory!

    If you don't want to quit your job and cater to your cat 24/7, may I suggest the:

    "Be careful what you wish for" training technique. When kitteh wants love, scoop it up and cuddle it until the thrill wears off. Then put it back down. The trick is to give the cat what it asked for and just a little too much (read: too long). Cat will dial back the requests. If you just say No or ignore, the cat remains "emotionally thirsty" and will start to take bad attention or random forms of attention (like the in/out thing) in the place of no attention.
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    I too laughed at your thread as I also own a Very Annoying Cat. Cat in question was a shelter drop out. Supposed to be euthanized due to bad temperament and I got hoodwinked into taking him as a barn cat. This worked for a while until in a rare burst of energy he walked further than 50 feet from the barn and realized "holy crap, these people have a HOUSE!" At which point he made it his life's work to get into the house, this included climbing onto the bay window in the bedroom and howling all night until he broke our will. His day time tactic was to sit outside the door and systematically shred the weather stripping until we opened the door to shoo him away and he took the opportunity to dart in. Once in he terrorized the other animals and made himself just generally annoying.

    We tried spray bottle, full blast in the face, he just blinks and looks at you like "wtf was that for?"

    The feline thug was smart enough to ingratiate himself with the most powerful member of the family, my son, to whom he never displayed his aggression. This secured his Permanent Resident status. Crazy all right, crazy like a fox! He even deigned to wear bunny ears for him this Easter. Calculating little bastard.

    So really, no advice for you from me. Just sympathy.
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    She has you well trained! Seriously Jackson would advise play time every night before bedtime. And not 5 min. more like 20-30. You want her tired. When she yowls and bangs on the door at night, grin and bear it. If it stops working she will stop eventually. Well 99% of them do. The raised kitty door is a good idea too.

    Please try to lighten up your attitude towards her. She def. does know that you are displeased with her for some reason and she can't figure out why. She may not have been handled much when she was young and she may just be one that doesn't like a lot of touchy feely stuff. Tell your Dad to ignore her, never look at her directly, that is a threat to cats. That's why most cats love to go sit in the laps of visitors who are afraid of cats. They tend to avoid all eye contact and Kitty goes FRIEND! LOL Good luck.
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    In and out every three hours? With our two it's every fifteen-twenty minutes. One comes in, the other goes out. We call it the "cat exchange." (Just had to stop typing to let one in the other out). We do kitty lock down every night: a number of doors keeps them restricted to living room/dining room/kitchen. They can't get up the stairs to bother us, and they're inside, so that the younger cat cannot climb up to the gutters and whine at the bedroom windows. No cat doors here. Our neighbor has one. Our younger cat goes over there to supplement his meals regularly, as do the local racoons.

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