I have 3 donkeys that I am looking to rehome. I would prefer for them to go together as they have been together for a long time.

1) Mama, ~10 y.o. gray roan large standard jenny. She is a total love bug that will happily nuzzle a person all day long. Has been sat on bareback. Mostly halter broke, typical donkey will just stand and blink at you if she doesn't feel like complying.

2) Bella, ~12 y.o. black and white paint small standard jenny. She likes people and treats, but is pretty mistrustful. If cornered you can halter her and lead her some, but she is skittish. Very pretty correct donkey though, and would look lovely if broke to harness.

3) Radar, ~6 y.o. brown and white paint very large standard/mammoth cross gelded jack. He is probably Mama's baby, but that isn't known for sure. He loves people and treats, but is only partly halter broke. He still acts very babyish, but seems very willing to learn. He will make an awesome riding donk for someone as he is built very stout with almost horse sized gaits. His only problem is he is terrified of the noise/feel of metal curry combs. He'll tolerate a rubber one for a bit, but it doesn't help with shedding season. Currently he has been having weight issues but some grain is fixing the problem. It's mostly due to being the low man on the totem pole and being pushed off hay all winter.

Here's their situation. I got them from a barn manager that was told to rehome them as they came with the property. So their ages and past history are just guesses. They were bought mostly as herd protection for my alpacas. In the time I have had them I have had a series of accidents which has left me unable to work with them, even on the ground. They all can be haltered and worked with in an enclosed space, just not be caught in a large pasture. We now have a mule for herd protection, and they have taken to eating my dad's trees. The way our property is set up the trees can't be fenced off, so dad says they need to go. The only other problem with them is that all 3 show vaccine reactions, just swelling at the injection site nothing major but it is worth mentioning.