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    Default Hot Water Question

    We recently moved to a fabulously beautiful private barn after many years of "barn drama". The only thing missing is a hot water source. Does anyone have any experiance or can recommend something that can give us warm water to bathe the horses?

    I already use the old style coils in a bucket to make bran mash, etc...but the weather has finally improved and I would like the idea of something a hose can hook up to in order to give them a bath.


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    I'm checking out the same thing...only for my home barn. Not putting in a HW heater right now and have been looking at portable hot water sources.

    So far there's not a TON of info on different ones, just the regular ads on sales sites. There's some chatter on different BBs, but none seem to have a lot of replies/opinions.

    So far the one that interests me the most is the Insta Hot portable heater. Affordable, easy to move and use. Mixed reviews, although so far only one of "didn't really work" and the rest were either "great, love it" or "works, does the job, not as good as I thought it would be."

    So hoping more people chime in on here with more options and/or opinions.
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    I bought the one from Schneiders - insta hot - it works great. All you need is a propane tank and you are set - nice hot water!

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    Jul. 22, 2007


    I REALLY want the one from Schneiders! It would be sooooo nice, and I wouldn't feel guilty when giving my horses baths, lol. The water is COLD straight from the well, lol!
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    If you have time-flexibility and sunny days, I've gotten good use out of a solar shower, basically a big black water bag. Obviously it's not as convenient or reliable as a propane-powered source, but they're cheap and in certain conditions do the job nicely.
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    I've found that if you wet the horse with warm water and lather and bathe, they tolerate being rinsed off with cold water much better.

    If you can't find a water heater that fits the bill, try wetting the horse with a sponge and water thats been warmed with the bucket heater. After shampooing, you can rinse off with cold water and then sweat scrape and put a cooler over the horse without it getting too cold.

    I used to have one of those electric water heaters. They took time to warm up, only held 5 gallons and you had to empty it after each use. It was more of a hassle than it was worth.

    We finally put a hot water faucet outside the house and I run a hose from there to the barn when I need to give a warm water bath.

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    Aug. 11, 2008
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    I have an eBay find at my barn at home. It's an insta-hot that runs off of a propane grill tank. I used to use at at my boarding barn where there was also no hot water.

    I love it. The water won't get scalding hot, but plenty warm to bathe even on chilly days. It was under $100 and one of the best purchases I ever made.

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