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    Question Strongid paste wormer

    My vet wants me to deworm my two goats with strongid. The directions she gave me was 1cc per 20 pounds of goat. Sounded wonderful until I looked at the paste wormer and notice it doesn't give you cc's anywhere on the box (pounds in horse or mg's). Do I just squeeze it out, put it in an oz container, and measure from there or just ask her to give me the wormer all measured out?

    I have one goat at 100 pounds and another at about 60-70 pounds. Why am I so stupid?!?!?!

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    I would empty the syringe into a cup, stir it well and use a 5ml(cc) syringe to measure 5ml for the one goat and 3.5ml for the other goat. Google the amount of pyrantel in the wormer and the usual goat dosing as a double check to make sure you heard the vet correctly. I have no idea of how goat wormer is dosed, but you want to be sure she meant 1ml per 20lbs, not 0.1ml per 20 lbs.

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    There is liquid Strongid for goats. Can find it at your local TSC down the animal health aisle.

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    FYI 30cc (ml) equals one ounce.
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    that sounds like a light dose-I think it's more like 4 times the horse dose but I'd have to look it up. goats need a lot of wormer for their weight... your vet might have been thinking of the liquid, not the paste, but you can use the paste.

    BTW you're not stupid-nothing is listed for goats so it's a PITA.

    checked it- it's 4X the dose for the paste for goats. I would deworm the 100 lb goat for 400 lbs and the 70 lb goat as if she were 300 lbs. You'll be entirely safe and they'll be as dewormed as you can get with that dewormer. I've done mine 4 X the dose for years; no problem.

    do a google for pp paste and goats and you might put this on the about the farm board too-lots of goat people there.

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