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    Default Another CL winner

    "I am looking to trade my 5 year unbroke dun mare she is a mustang quarter horse cross has the black stripes up the legs black main and tail she is very pretty dun has no white on her .. I haven't seen very many duns with no white so a very good looker ... She has had 60 days training on her is what the past owner told me when she was 4 then so been about a year and a half .. I have had a saddle on her but just don't have the time she needs .. Looking to trade for a broke horse that's good all around horse .. I would prefer a tb or quarter horse .. Paint ... But let me know what you got ... Looking to trade soon .. Summer is coming and I just put down my older horse so I no longer have a broke horse to ride .. I am willing to travel for the right horse and can trailer mine there for the trade if you prefer ..15.1 hands .. Good feet never lame.. Horse can't be any smaller then 15. Hands and no older then 13 please"

    Sounds like a great deal to me! Sure, I'll trade my nice young broke horse and trade for your unbroke dun that is very pretty with no training for a year and a half. It can't get any better than this.

    Does she really think someone is going to actually agree to this? Get your head out of someplace dark girl and read your ad and ask yourself if you'd do it if the situation were reversed.
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    Even better... she wants to trade her unbroke/barely broke, mutt horse, for a registered trained young horse... it could happen... sure...

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    Eh, she didn't say it had to be registered, I feel like although this is unlikely she could find a young kids with a really slow broke 11-13yr old horse that want's to train something to run barrels or who thinks that trading their saintly old horse for this one that they could "train" and possibly flip for profit (hahaha) is a good idea. ya never know.

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    I had a great, small, TWH quiet, safe and sane (pretty too!) TWH for sale. Had a girl offer me not one but TWO unbroke Arabs. One was older too, I think 20? Yea, good deal for me. Lose the horse anyone can ride and take on two more mouths to feed, one older possibly needing supplements and not ride (because I'm not a trainer) so then would also pay to have TWO horses broke!

    I took her up on the offer.

    JUST KIDDING! Passed on that wonderful deal...
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    God yes.

    Look at all the things wrong with this ad.

    They had an old horse and euthanized it rather than dumping it on someone else as pasture puff. Horrors!

    They fed a horse they couldn't ride through the winter and waited until spring, when people are gearing up to ride, to find a home. No desperate January pleas to take the horse they can't afford to feed! Egads!

    They had the gall to be honest about the level of the horse's training, differentiating between what they've been told (60 days) and what they know (the horse has had a saddle on it). Shocking!

    They realize the horse is not suitable for their needs and want it to go to someone appropriate. Oh, the humanity!

    All without histrionics about picking up by Friday or they'll send the mare to an auction.

    Clearly, the only appropriate response to an ad like this is to post it on COTH to mock!

    Seriously people. It's a young mare, who may have some foundation on her. The owner is willing to put some work (travel/trailer) into a trade. Finding a trade is a long shot, but if this is the worst thing you see on CL today, be happy.

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