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    Default Wait till you see the vet!

    Not to give you false hope. I'm one who has rehabbed a tendon injury for the second time. Horse is sound, I'm not! However, the second time around consisted of walking under saddle for 6 mo.

    It was just my luck to fall apart just as we got the OK to start trotting.

    So wait until you have your appointment and discuss alternative treatment options with your vet. Many have turned away from stall rest, and turned toward controlled turn out, and walking.

    You may find some others who have similar problems on the last two or three pages of this thread.
    Taking it day by day!

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    The rocky part of KY


    If you are close to KY we are looking for a pony as companion to the old guy. He's terrifically herdbound to one chosen companion but we can wean him off of one onto another, he just has to have his "pet".

    Anyway we are looking locally for a free lease.
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    Dec. 18, 2006


    I feel for you. I have a newly "retired" pasture puff myself; a nearly 18 year old TB mare who is an ex-broodmare, and was never 100% sound but has now shown she really can't be ridden more than at the walk, so we are retiring her.

    However, don't discount the "free to good home" option so long as you don't give your horse away without checking references, etc. I have taken two "free" ponies from Craigslist that are definitely in better shape now than they were. There are good homes out there that might need a companion horse.

    If I had the room (which I don't at the moment but other people might) I would consider a companion mare for my own retiree - one reason is that she could go out on pasture 24/7 but my other fatties cannot. As a result I will have to come up with a turnout schedule that will work for them in the summer, and I suspect it will be a big pain in the rear!

    If you offered a long-term free lease that included vet/farrier you might get someone like me who would be happy to have another horse on the property but not sure I'm up for another true retiree. Either that, or you might find someone like met that would "board" your horse at a very low cost (essentially enough to cover vet & farrier, etc.)

    I realize it's a gamble so I would not advertise via CL - but ask your vet and farrier and maybe consider listing your horse on a local Facebook site for horses if there is one for your area. You might be surprised what comes up.

    That said, if you can't find a suitable, safe place - especially if the horse will need special care due to an injury - I would consider euthanasia an acceptable solution.

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    Jun. 4, 2006


    There is no wrong answer.

    If you were to retire her as a broodmare you would want to get your vets opinion on weather she was likely to stand up as a broodmare. You would want to find a breader you knew would take excellent care of her.

    My pasture pet is outside eating my lawn, he is one big gorgeous expensive happy pet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simkie View Post
    Some vet schools also sell their horses at local livestock sales (and not the "good" ones) when the horses are no longer useful for whatever reason.

    Going to a vet school is not a guarantee that the horse won't wind up in a scary place.
    This is a very real potential!!! I would rather KNOW what happened to my horse. The schools are under no obligation to give horses "a good life long home"!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by SMF11 View Post
    You could try to find a companion home, if you offer to pay vet and farrier for her. My trainer retired a school horse with me under these terms -- it was win-win for everyone. You'd have these fees if you continue to board her, but you wouldn't have to pay board. This is a free lease situation, and you would have to keep an eye on her.
    I have a friend who found just such a home for her retired broodmare. The couple who have her just wanted a couple of horses to care for and to have in the pasture. My friend pays all the mare's vet and farrier bills. It's turned out to be a win-win, but it took a lot of time and two other not-so-great situations to find the right one. And it's close enough that she can check in on her several times a year.

    Good luck in your decision. :/

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    Aug. 7, 2012


    Thanks everyone for your kind thoughts, ideas, and encouragements.

    I have the vet appointment at the university clinic this week and will know then. Like someone suggested, I shouldnt give up hope yet. I suppose there is always a chance that it will not be what we think or as bad. I just really hope we get some answers this time because this will be vet visit number 5 and Im really tired of not knowing one way or another.

    If she is sound for walking around on trails, then Ill keep her for sure. I can probably find a place that doesnt have a ring, etc that will be cheaper than some of the nicer places around here. Trail riding a few times a week will give me my fix and I can take lessons at another barn and catch ride other horses. I spent about 7 years in college and after without "owning" a horse so I dont know why the idea seems so upsetting to me. I always had something to ride around on. People are generous and I used to be really resourceful so Ill manage.

    Ill update once I find out.

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    I agree with those that say that no choice is an easy one and you have to make a choice you can live with.

    If it were me, I would probably keep the pasture sound horse for as long as financially possible and find other horses to hack for free. The horseless riders thread is a great resource as are friends that own horses and trainers you ride with. I always know owners that are looking for responsible, reliable and trustworthy adult riders to exercise their horses. Seek and you shall find.

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    Nov. 19, 2005


    There are lots of connie lovers out there-by chance does she have papers--that will help out to find a place as a broodmare.

    if you have to keep her-- in the future- could she be the mother of your next heart horse?

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