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    Default Reining costs/shows/lessons?


    I have been a longtime (English riding!) lurker. Recently I have been growing tired of the show scene and would like to take a break, or at least a change of pace. I've ridden reiners in the past and enjoyed it, and on a whim decided to possibly start lessons. I am not looking to purchase a horse immediately, although leasing may be an option. My question is, however:

    What are the costs in comparison to the h/j show scene?

    I know the pro levels and some breed shows can get quite expensive, however, what about for a beginner? Costs on average in terms of lessons? Do they lease horses on a regular basis?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Prices are all over the place.
    Could you go to some local reining shows, NRHA or AQHA and meet trainers there and talk to those you like the way they train and their students ride?

    The price of a horse to lease may depend on the quality of the horse, the more talented and better trained will win more and cost more to buy or lease.

    Whatever trainer you choose will know what is out there in available horses, from rider's moving up and their horse will be looking for a new home.

    One hour lessons are here $50 individual and $25 for groups, with trainer's horses.
    If you have a horse in training, you get lessons free.

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    What Bluey said. Where my horses are we pay 35 for a lesson, if our horse is boarded there and we pay for a month at a time. If your horse is in training you get a discount, though I dont remember what, it has been a bit since my horses have been in training. Show prices vary, depending on what level you ride and the show.

    Leasing prices vary, I have a friend paying all the expenses and $5000.00 a year to lease a medicore youth horse. She also pays $50.00 per hour, set fee no matter what. (different trainer then me ).

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    Scranton, PA


    Where in the northeast are you? I've been taking reining lessons (and now exercising some 4y/o's coming back from the winter) since January after many years in the hunter/jumper industry....a location might help us point you in the right direction.
    At the barn I ride at it's $40 for a lesson and you end up riding at least an hour...sometime more than one horse too.
    He has a wide variety of horses for sale. From green 4y/o's to seasoned 6 and 7y/o's. I believe his training rates are $600 for full training field board and $800 a month for full training board with a stall.

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    My lessons are $50 and shows are about $150. Coming from years of other showing, I can say I LOVE reining.

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