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    Default Metal or steel siding and roofing: which brand and color!

    I've reached the end of my rope trying to pick metal siding. I think I want grey roof with clay siding and "light stone" color trim. Maybe doors in a pretty accent color. Any thoughts on color? I know color makes a solar difference but I've found it hard to get the data on the brands.

    The builder uses abm panel or he can get Everest or fabral. There doesn't seem to be much difference. Any thoughts on brand? Is there much difference? I've heard good things about the thickness of Everest.

    It's for a indoor with barn attached in a T arrangement. Indoor will have wainscot. Windows will have trim

    I have a beautiful pine board and batten barn. Never again. Too much work staining Too many bees drilling holes. Too many woodpeckers chasing bees drilling giant holes. Never. (Don't do it!)

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    Nov. 10, 2011


    Fabral has a color visualizer. It was helpful when I was deciding.

    Can't speak to which is better. My contractor didn't give me a choice. He gave me a sheet of paper and said pick colors. I'm sure that will bite me in the ass later.

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    May. 21, 2012


    I'm just going to give a "lesson learned" tip about the color I chose for my roof- it will NEVER look like the color you actually pick- it will constantly change with the color of the sky (unlike a shingle roof) It will look different in morning and noon- and cloudy and sun. The reflecting light of the sky can be a beautiful and wonderful thing- but if you *need* the color to match something else that is not another metal roof- no matter how close you get with your match- it's still going to look different when it's out under the big sky.

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    Here's your data on solar properties:

    In general, white is the most reflective color, and uncoated is not bad. Red is the next best in colors, better even than colors that seem lighter, like tan or gray. Green absorbs the most heat energy... which if you think about plants, makes perfect sense. There are some magic paints that are creating IR reflective roofs in different visual colors, so you do want to rely on data.

    To test for ourselves, we took samples of several roof materials and just left them out in the sun. You can tell the difference by touch; if you want to be accurate, you can use an IR temperature gun to get the surface temp in degrees.

    With metal in particular, you probably want some reference for what color the roof will be after a few years in the sun and weather. Some colors fade rather dramatically.
    If you are allergic to a thing, it is best not to put that thing in your mouth, particularly if the thing is cats. - Lemony Snicket

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    This is one of those things where compatability goes from manufacturer to manufacturer. Consolidated, Fabral, and any other manufacturer I've seen use the same metal, same colors (sometimes even called the same thing),and the same extruders to form the different shapes.

    They all offer a choice of the same thicknesses.

    I've been called to troubleshoot some leaking roofs around here, and in the process of ordering metal to fix the mistakes, I've found that one supplier who used to sell Fabral (also on our house and barn) quit selling it, but the local Lowes sells Consolidated, and it fits perfectly.

    I did find the color chart on Consolidated's website, but it's been a while back, and I remember it was a bit clunky to find your way there.

    I expect they all buy the rolls of metal from the same supplier. Buy the heavier gauge from whomever locally you can get the best price from. Here it's Lowes, but the local Ace Hardware is better than matching the price for me since I know exactly how to order it and all they have to do is load it on my trailer with their forklift just like it comes to them.

    We have Lightstone on our barn, and I'd say it does fine with minimizing heat gain.

    We have White Oak board and board siding on the barn and house-never really liked little battens with board and batten. I dont' do anything to it but pressure wash it about every ten years. Woodpeckers or insects don't bother with it, or at least not for very long.

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    Fort Worth, Texas


    a company based in Texas is Mueller .... they are manufacturers based here

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    Aug. 22, 2004


    Is clay siding and bronze roof and wainscot truly dark? My hubby doesnt seem to like light stone. The bronze is a pretty color. Clay is richer. But what color trim to use with that combo? Bronze? Thinking of burgundy doors.

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