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    I never did hear any more about the reason for this specific shelter having problems with black animals beyond something about northern bugs and dark coats - Prince Albert is pretty far north and they do have different summer bugs than we have in the south. This predjudice seems to be a northern thing, loads of black dogs in this area, and while not a dog person, can think of a dozen locally and this is a very small community.
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    We have had our shelters around here have special discount days for black dogs and cats. I have a black lab mix who is so shiny he'll blind you in the sun. And I think he's beautiful - although a bear to photograph.

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    When I lived in Hawaii from 1975 to 1994, I was very much involved in the dog fancy. Hawaii being as small as it is, all things "doggy," whether it involved the show ring or obedience or rescue work, became common knowledge within the doggy community. Black Dog Syndrome (it wasn't referred to in those words) defined a completely different situation there. Black was the preferred color of dogs from rescue centers, when acquired by certain individuals from the Southeast Asian population. When a rescue center had been contacted by one family, four or five times within a year or so, for specifically black dogs, warning lights started to flash. It seems this had occurred at other centers with other people. It turned out that black dogs were/are considered good eating in certain cultures, and those cultures were represented within the confines of Hawaii's boundaries.

    Needless to say, there was a serious overhaul of adoption rules and regulations at these centers and, by the time I left the State, there was very little news to report regarding the culinary delights of black dogs.

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    It's sad that there's such a prejudice. My favorite pooch is the black poodle mix of my coworker's -- that little girl would give everybody in the world kisses if she could!

    I always cheer when I come across a black kitty -- I like to take the UK approach and think of them as good luck. I'd be more than happy to be the crazy old black cat lady.

    I absolutely love my black kitty in low light conditions -- all you see is a puddle of fur (she's long haired), two ears, and two big green eyes. She's cute and cuddly that way -- in the sunlight she rusts out in patches and looks like Basement Cat's Right Hand Gal.

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    I prefer black dogs... And if there are color options for a breed I will 9 times out of 10 pick the black option lol. We currently have a black Labrador, a black tri corgi, and a tuxedo cat. Love them all!!! I also recently fostered a corgi mix who was black... I also picked him to foster out of all the others lol.

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