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    Apr. 4, 2013

    Default Big Chested Eventer Problems

    Does anybody know of a company that makes safety vests in XL or XXL sizes? My chest measures to about 50 1/2 in. I don't need a vest quite yet because I am just getting back into riding so i will be doing a lot of flat work for a while till i feel comfortable jumping again. I will also be loosing weight as i start to get more active because i have gained quite a few pounds, so i'm hoping the girls will shrink some so i dont have to spend a ton of money on a custom vest. I look on the Tipperary website and i saw that the Competitor XP and it seems like its going to be the best thing once i get to the point where i am jumping again.

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    I am not 'blessed' in that department so I'm not speaking from personal experience but based on what I've heard....

    Our friends across the pond speak highly of the AiroWear vests. Apparently they come in a zillion size and colour combinations, are BETA approved and are *not* unisex - actually cut for women from what I gather.

    The down side? I don't know if you can get them anywhere other than online, so trying them on may not be possible. A fair return policy would be important! Here are the details I found in a quick search:

    FYI - Amira can be hit or miss on shipping deadlines. If they have it in stock, I've received items in about 3 weeks. If they have to special order from the manufacturer, don't be surprised if it takes 2 to 3 months. Just an FYI.

    Oh! Edited to add that bit of britain carries these:

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    I tried on my vest a couple of months ago, and was relieved to see that it still fit, though like you said, I am a ways away from returning to jumping and hopefully, as I get more fit, will lose some weight too, but I'm not going to put my return to riding off, waiting to lose weight, because that is a good way to see that nothing will happen!

    In any event, my vest is an Airowear, and I bought it through Bit of Britain. I did wait until i was at Rolex in 2008, so I could try them on, as you not only have to have one that will close in front, but it needs to fit your length of torso as well.

    I will have to look and see what size it is - but it had enough expandability that it was able to accomodate the additional weight I've gained since 2008.

    Happy Shopping!
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    I think airowear only goes to 44" for bust size. I am "only" 41" with a heavy duty sports bra on, but I really like the airowear so far (and I bought it through amira - it took about 6 weeks to get here - it sat in customs for about a week).

    It does look like the Kanteq can make something up to a dress size 18?

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    Jul. 4, 2011


    I'd go with the Rodney Powell. They make all of them to your measurements for around $200.

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    Apr. 25, 2008


    Equss just did a great article covering all vests. It's full of information including which is better for a fuller figured person, etc. See if you can find the article online. If not, I'd be happy to copy the article and mail it to you (if that's allowed).

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