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    Mar. 10, 2006

    Default Danzig

    Just wondering if anyone has had any event horses with this line? Iam going to look at a horse with Danzig on the top, sire of said horse is Mull of Kintyre, by Danzig???

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    Feb. 4, 2004


    I have heard great things about Danzig, but have only an n of 1 I had a grandson (Pleasant Colony for the other grandfather) who was incredibly difficult. Beautiful, but really didn't want to be trained in any direction, not pleasant to be around. Not sure I can blame any 1 ancestor though.

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    Oct. 23, 2011


    For starters, Neville Bardos and if I recall correctly, there are definitely others.
    "Life ain't always beautiful, but it's a beautiful ride."

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    Jan. 10, 2007
    too far from the barn


    This is my absolute favorite line. I own 3 grandsons, highly recommended to a friend she buy a grand daughter, trying to get a trainer friend to find someone for my current guys half brother and have known others over the years. My experience is that they have in common great brains, an amazing jump and are ammy friendly. All of mine and the ones I have known have been easy and trainable, none spooky. Variety of movers from acceptable to excellent
    OTTBs rule, but spots are good too!

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    Feb. 1, 2008
    Nowhere, Maryland


    I think I read somewhere that they are extremely popular in Australia? We've had a bunch of grandbabies over the years that have gone on to do well over fences. (By Polish Numbers, Brahms, Polish Miner, Corridor Key, Deerhound etc.) The Polish Numbers babies tend to be really pretty but a little tempermental.

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    Mar. 10, 2006


    Awesome thanks! I did a search and found similar comments, was hoping I would get more feedback this way.

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    Jun. 24, 2006


    Sea Lion is a Danzig grandson, his sire also sired a GP dressage horse and a few other Eventers including Out To Sea who went Intermediate. Not the only line of Danzig horses doing great things!

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    May. 2, 2006


    My mare has Danzig on her dam's side. He's a few generations back so I don't know how much impact he has on my mare. She's not the easiest to ride on the flat. She can be pretty anxious/tense, has a busy mind, and jigs quite a bit. She could be a decent mover if she were a little less tense. When we competed our dressage score was usually pretty high (aka bad). I bought her when she was 9 and I know her two previous owners. As far as I can tell, she's always been tense on the flat. With that said, she is extremely safe on XC. Very brave and game and will basically jump anything I point her at no matter how badly I mess up. I bought her because I wanted to get into eventing and one of her previous owners competed her through Training. I competed her at BN and N, and have schooled T and P questions. And she's beautiful to look at and nice to be around (IMO).

    Her pedigree:

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    Nov. 13, 2002


    Danzig is the grandsire of one of my geldings (sire was Danzig Connection)
    No idea if he is representative of the line but, he is naturally super athletic, is well put together, has a wants to please personality (with a random stubborn streak that shows up somewhat arbitrarily on rare occasions ) and had a killer, out-of nowhere spook in him that thankfully did not show up very often. He has also been unsound from DJD since the age of 6.
    There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.(Churchill)

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    Apr. 14, 2001


    I've got this Danzig grand-baby:

    I've only been really working with her for about a month now following her letdown from the track. She's a lovely mover, quite a worrier and more than a little nutty, but in a fairly honest sort of way. She's stoic and brave and willing.

    We'll see what she's really going to be like this summer, but she's been fun to work with so far (and also a learning experience!!)

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    Apr. 10, 2011


    Hand up here, I've got a Danzig grand-baby as well

    I will admit that this line is known for being more difficult, but they are also extremely talented IMO... My horse is not difficult in the sense she doesn't want to work, she loooves work... She is just very bold and WILL NOT BE PUSHED AROUND... Which many people mistake for being difficult. I don't find a horse that refuses to be forced or pushed around a bad thing at all.

    She is extremely well built, most people assumer she is a warmblood when they see her. She is very bold on cross-country, you basically just sit and enjoy the ride because her natural ability to see fences is better then most riders!

    She was harder to train for dressage, but she is also very good at it and very pretty.

    Bottom line... she knows she is a superstar and acts the part LOL
    "My ideal horse is the horse that I fall in love with again every morning when I see his face hanging over the stable door, looking for breakfast. " - Jim Wofford

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    Aug. 30, 2011


    I just bought a horse whose sire's damsire is Danzig. So far, so good.

    Sea Accounts is also a Danzig sire line.

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    Jun. 28, 2003
    KY, USA


    IMO beautiful conformation, definitely look the part. We haven't been very successful with them.

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    Feb. 1, 2008


    Check out Ziggy entered at Rolex this year. From the Danzig line.

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    Apr. 21, 2008


    I've worked with 2 of Danzigs own spawn on track. One was one of the meanest, nastiest stallions I've ever met(attacked me from over the stall door and knocked me down, and he kicked my trainer (for no reason) in the shoulder (almost got her head) and broke it. The other was a quiet, sweet mare until they put her on steroids and she became just as nasty as he was (double barreled me in the stomach while walking by and broke my rib). Needless to say he's NOT my favorite sire lol. They were both very, very fast, well built and athletic, but plagued by soundness, mental, and overall health issues their whole careers and never did much because of it.

    However I did have a grandson of Danzig, who was by his son Honor Grades, and he was an absolute doll. Friendly attitude, always tried to please, great conformation and really well muscled. He went to a home just one year after retiring off the track where he was ridden by a 6 year old boy and used for therapy riding. I think you should be pretty safe with a grandson or granddaughter ;-)

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    Apr. 28, 2004
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    Haven't competed one, but the grand babies I've worked with at the track were all very sweet, and the spitting images of thier dams. It's been awhile, and my memory is shot, but i don't think any of the 6 ran a lick. Lol
    Different Times Equestrian Ventures at Hidden Spring Ranch

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    Mar. 10, 2006


    Quote Originally Posted by Highflyer View Post
    I think I read somewhere that they are extremely popular in Australia?
    Top 100 TB sires in Australia....

    1 Fastnet Rock 2001 Danehill <------ Danzig
    2 Commands 1996 Danehill <------ Danzig
    3 Lonhro 1998 Octagonal
    4 Redoute's Choice 1996 Danehill <------ Danzig
    5 Exceed and Excel 2000 Danehill <------ Danzig
    6 Bel Esprit 1999 Royal Academy
    7 Montjeu 1996 Sadler's Wells
    8 Snitzel 2002 Redoute's Choice <------ Danzig
    9 More Than Ready 1997 Southern Halo
    10 Stratum 2002 Redoute's Choice <------ Danzig
    11 Encosta de Lago 1993 Fairy King
    12 Not a Single Doubt 2001 Redoute's Choice <------ Danzig
    13 Choisir 1999 Danehill Dancer <------ Danzig
    14 Testa Rossa 1996 Perugino <------ Danzig
    15 General Nediym 1994 Nediym
    16 Thorn Park 1999 Spinning World
    17 Al Maher 2001 Danehill <------ Danzig
    18 Reset 2000 Zabeel
    19 Mossman 1995 Success Express
    20 Casino Prince 2003 Flying Spur <------ Danzig
    21 Zabeel 1986 Sir Tristram
    22 Flying Spur 1992 Danehill <------ Danzig
    23 High Chaparral 1999 Sadler's Wells
    24 Hussonet 1991 Mr. Prospector
    25 Street Cry 1998 Machiavellian
    26 Galileo 1998 Sadler's Wells
    27 Blackfriars 1996 Danehill <------ Danzig
    28 Shamardal 2002 Giant's Causeway
    29 O'Reilly 1993 Last Tycoon
    30 Refuse to Bend 2000 Sadler's Wells
    31 Elvstroem 2000 Danehill <------ Danzig
    32 Dash for Cash 1998 Secret Savings
    33 Bradbury's Luck 2002 Redoute's Choice <------ Danzig
    34 Elusive Quality 1993 Gone West
    35 Charge Forward 2001 Red Ransom
    36 Dane Shadow 2001 Danehill <------ Danzig
    37 Magic Albert 1998 Zeditave
    38 Sequalo 1990 Rustic Amber
    39 Dubawi 2002 Dubai Millennium
    40 Pins 1996 Snippets
    41 Snippetson 2001 Snippets <------ Danzig
    42 Dehere 1991 Deputy Minister
    43 Jeune 1989 Kalaglow
    44 Holy Roman Emperor 2004 Danehill <------ Danzig
    45 Show a Heart 1997 Brave Warrior
    46 God's Own 2002 Redoute's Choice <------ Danzig
    47 Rock of Gibraltar 1999 Danehill <------ Danzig
    48 Falvelon 1996 Alannon
    49 Jet Spur 2002 Flying Spur <------ Danzig
    50 Danzero 1991 Danehill <------ Danzig
    51 Danehill Dancer 1993 Danehill <------ Danzig
    52 Artie Schiller 2001 El Prado
    53 Nicobar 1997 Indian Ridge
    54 Bianconi 1995 Danzig <------ Danzig
    55 Pentire
    56 Starcraft 2000 Soviet Star
    57 Hotel Grand 2002 Grand Lodge <------ Danzig
    58 Savabeel 2001 Zabeel
    59 Good Journey 1996 Nureyev
    60 Mosayter 1998 Storm Cat
    61 Barely a Moment 2001 Gilded Time <------ Danzig
    62 Hidden Dragon 1999 Danehill <------ Danzig
    63 Oratorio 2001 Stravinsky
    64 Clangalang 1999 Clang
    65 Real Saga 2006 Tale of the Cat
    66 Written Tycoon 2002 Iglesia
    67 Anabaa 1992 Danzig <------ Danzig
    68 Oratorio 2002 Danehill <------ Danzig
    69 Red Ransom 1987 Roberto
    70 Churchill Downs 2003 Danehill <------ Danzig
    71 Ad Valorem 2002 Danzig <------ Danzig
    72 Danerich 2002 Danehill <------ Danzig
    73 Keep the Faith 2000 Sunday Silence
    74 Face Value 2000 Red Ransom <------ Danzig
    75 Dubai Destination 1999 Kingmambo
    76 Catbird 1996 Danehill <------ Danzig
    77 Nadeem 2003 Redoute's Choice <------ Danzig
    78 Invincible Spirit 1997 Green Desert
    79 Zariz 1997 Mukaddamah
    80 Bletchley Park 1989 Caerleon
    81 Tale of the Cat 1994 Storm Cat
    82 Easy Rocking 1996 Barathea
    83 Blevic 1991 Scenic
    84 Fusaichi Pegasus 1997 Mr. Prospector <------ Danzig
    85 Bernardini 2003 A.P. Indy
    86 Strategic 1992 Zeditave
    87 Johannesburg 1999 Hennessy
    88 Strada 2002 Danehill <------ Danzig
    89 All Bar One 2001 Hennessy
    90 Royal Academy 1987 Nijinsky
    91 Hard Spun 2004 Danzig <------ Danzig
    92 Key Business 1990 Success Express
    93 Lion Heart 2001 Tale of the Cat
    94 Darci Brahma 2002 Danehill <------ Danzig
    95 Helenus 1999 Helissio
    96 Stromberg Carlson 2001 Redoute's Choice <------ Danzig
    97 Foreplay 2001 Danehill <------ Danzig
    98 Red Dazzler 2002 Red Ransom <------ Danzig
    99 Niello 2000 Octagonal
    100 California Dane 2002 Danehill <------ Danzig

    At this rate in 10-15 years there won't be a horse born in Australia that isn't descended from Danzig.

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    Mar. 10, 2006


    Awesome Drvmb, thanks sooo much!!

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    May. 31, 2006


    I have a Danzig grandson (sire is Belong To Me). Big warmblood looking and moving type with huge suspension! Very brave and cocky; thinks he is THE KING and we are here as his peons! Very level headed, if he spooks, it is in place. God forbid if he let on that anything shook his KING status! Lol! Bold xc, but sometimes pulls a rail in SJ, partly because we are still developing and partly because he likes HIS idea better, since he is THE KING after all! Lol

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    Oct. 29, 2000


    My thoughts on Danzig: He is a popular sport horse sire beause 1) He is a son of Northern Dancer and carries some of his genes, and/or 2) look at the mares he was bred to. I bet you find strong sport horse influences through them.

    Same with Mr. Prospector. He shows up in a lot of sport horse pedigrees, but his most prolific line comes through Fappiano, whose dam sire is Dr. Fager. I don't think that either of them (Danzig and Mr P) have the size or conformation or way of going to make good sport horse sires.

    Here is your guy's sire's pedigree, with a picture of his sire (to DIE for).

    This horse have every right to be a great sport horse sire, but mainly because of his dam line, which is extraordinary.

    Easy Goer -- Alydar and Buckpasser
    Hay Patcher -- Hoist The Flag and Turn To.

    IMHO, his strengths as a sport horse come more from his sire's dam's side than from Danzig
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