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    Default Equine Medical Reference Book for Horse Owners/Lay Person

    My horse has an infection (from a minor injury) this week that is unneccessary and is now getting better on antibiotics thank goodness. I was medicating the injury, but not the most effective way to avoid infection. I feel that had I known at the onset of the problem how to properly address it we could have most likely avoided this problem.

    It is in this light that I went on looking for Equine Medical Reference Guides to help me with minor problems and general information for a lay person.

    I am listing below the titles that looked good: UC DAVIS School of Veterinary Book of Horses, Horse Owner's Veterinary Handbook, The Comprehensive Guide to Equine Veterinary Medicine and the Complete Equine Veterinary Manual.

    Any of these look good or any suggestions?

    One thing I didn't like was that some copyright dates were several years back.

    The most recent title that I did not list was Horse Anatomy for Performance which came out in 2012.

    But I need an excellent "go to" guide for a regular horse owner.


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    I have the UC Davis book and think it's great, but I'm hoping to go into vet-med so I read it cover to cover! I'm not sure it would be a good "first aid" manual..

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    I also have the UC Davis book and like it for reference, but agree with supershorty that it's not exactly a first aid guide.

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    The Horse Owner's Veterinary Handbook is pretty good as a general, but not too in depth reference. I used it a lot when I was new to horse ownership. I checked my copy and the copyright is 1989, but it's the second edition and I distinctly remember buying this one (to replace my copy of the first edition) because they had updated it to reflect more recent recommendations about worming and such. So maybe the copyright refers to when the first edition was published so it looks deceivingly out of date?

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    I have all of them except the Comprehensive Guide. I'm an avid reader. As others have mentioned, they are great references, but are not exactly first aid type manuals. If you have a Half Price Books near you, I would recommend sitting down in front of the equine section and perusing the books they have. Something with pictures and step-by-step instructions for first aid would be more beneficial. I do this routinely and have found some great books for great prices. I would give you titles, but I am in the middle of a move and my book collection was the first thing packed away. Said books are now sitting in boxes in the garage awaiting moving day.

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    I got one from Smartpak a few years ago when I was looking to "oost" myself over the free shipping threshold. Lemme see if I can find it... Nope, Smartpak doesn't seem to be carrying a book. So where did I get it? Huh.

    Well, looking at pics online, I think it's Dr. Kellon's Guide to First Aid for Horses. My copy is the laminated-type shiney-ish paper, which holds up nicely year-round in my tack box with the plastic tube/ring that binds it.

    I really like that the injuries/illnesses are divided by category- I actually used it once to figure out the right words to describe a wound I was looking at, which really helped the on-call vet help me decide if they needed to come out on an emergency basis (which they did). It also gives really clear "what to do before the vet arrives" (and what NOT to do, which was also helpful!!). Helpful photos are provided to reference, and it's really a book meant to be looked at in an emergency.

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    Thanks for bringing this up. I have the Storey's Barn Guide for Sheep (in addition to a bunch of other books on sheep), and I really like the format and ease of use. I think I am going to order the Horse version - it is very beginner friendly, so I think it would be great for my husband, too. You can take a look at it online via Amazon
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    Not a first aid book, but I like the 5-Minute Consult books, both for equine practice and dog/cat practice. They are designed as quick diagnostic tools for the (relatively new) veterinarian, so they might or might not be too advanced for the average horse owner. I'm a registered vet tech, so I am familiar with the terminology and have a context for the diseases.
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    Wound care management by Dr. Hendrickson is a great book. Might be a bit more in depth than you need but its good. Check the pony club website, their catalog always has some great books in it.

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