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    Sep. 18, 2011

    Default New Orleans

    Anyone have any recommendations for stables near New Orleans? I know there are a lot of options north of the lake, but would prefer to keep him south of the lake since I will be working out that way. Needs to have some type of turnout as my horse will stock up if in 24/7.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Sep. 21, 2012
    Edmonton, AB


    I used to live in NOLA!

    Equest Farm (used to be City Park Stables) is right in the city and is a beautiful facility. It's the only one I can really speak to, as I used to ride there.

    Full care stall board (the only kind they offer) includes up to 12 hours of turnout and is $875/month. Pricey... but might be worth saving the cost of fuel driving across the Causeway every day!

    Their website is

    Miss that place

    The other one I knew about was Cascade Stables, located in the heart of the city by Audubon Park. When I lived there 7 years ago I opted not to ride there because it was disorganized and a bit haphazard, but judging by their website they have renovated quite a bit, and the facilities look really nice. Stall board is $700/month, however it says that turnout is dependent on ring availability, so that might not be the best fit.

    Good luck!

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    Nov. 8, 2012
    gulf coast


    I would strongly advise checking the evacuation policy of any barn on the south shore. On the gulf coast everyone south of I-12 (interstate) can be ordered to evacuate if a bad hurricane is going to hit the area. Animals must have a place to go and a way to get there. The north shore is safer and has alot more options for boarding with turnout.
    City Park stable was under 6-8 feet of filthy, polluted water for weeks.

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    You might try Tavia out past the airport. Their half-day stall/turnout board option fits the bill. I've never been there but a friend of mine took some lessons there. I believe the owner/trainer is also a vet.

    I've driven by some sort of backyard barn in the Carrollton neighborhood near River Road/Oak St. You can't see much of it from the street, but it doesn't look like it's large enough to have much turnout, maybe just some small pipe corrals. I think people there just ride out on the levee.

    Here's the Cascade Stables website- It's nicely renovated since a saddleseat show operation took it over. The riding arenas are pretty busy with lessons/training most of the day though, and there are lots of horses there, so I don't think it would meet your turnout requirement.
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    Nov. 24, 2005
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    this is a timely post for me as well! Driving out over the bridge 4-5 days a week wouldn't be so bad. I was gonna suggest the st.rose barn mentioned earlier. Depending on where you live in the city will also affect how far you will have to drive. Do you know what neighborhood you will be living in?

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    Aug. 7, 2011


    Isn't there a carriage person on COTH from NO? Might know some places.

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