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    Quote Originally Posted by keatssu View Post
    I think the Kerrits Flow Rise waist are extremely comfortable and flattering. I do, however have a gripe with Kerrits - they do not offer an XS in all of their styles. I called the company to complain and was told that it isn't cost effective to do so. I wonder how they decide which styles to offer an XS in. Strange.
    I second Kerrits. I have their ribbed breeches too, which are my favorite. They don't show any lumps or bumps and I can wear them in pretty much any weather and be comfortable. Not all of their sizes are created equal though.

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    I'm personally a fan of the new trend in low rise breeches, given that I have a super short waist. Therefore "low rise" breeches sit comfortable at/just above my natural waist which is wonderful as "regular rise" breeches could serve as breeches and sports bra for my body type!

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    It sounds like what more people really need is for manufacturers to note the actual measurement of the rise, instead of a semi-arbitrary classification.

    Totally OT, but I've always wondered why men's pants come in waist/inseam sizes, while women's come in a numerical size -- considering that there's probably more waist/ hip/ buttock/ inseam variation in women's bodies than in men's. At least (some) breeches come in a waist size!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by blairasb View Post
    Be prepared to hate the shapelys. I bought them and have a similar build. They come up above my waist and they have these HIDEOUS darts at multiple places around the waistline instead of simply being cut with a larger hip measurement and smaller waist. The effect has caused me and and my friend to call them "The colostomy breeches" as the fit at the waist but then go slack around the stomach- it's like you've got as much room for your belly as your butt! Seriously ill concieved. I use them because you cant' really see it when my jacket is on, but I won't even walk around in them at shows- I untack the horse quick and then go directly to the tack stall to change ASAP. they are THAT bad. But I do like the weight of the fabric at least.
    This is EXACTLY the way my Ariat Pro Circuits fit. I thought they such a great score on ebay for $70...then they arrived, and I tried them on...
    Mon Ogon (Mo) and Those Wer the Days (Derby)

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