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    Default Anyone work in Employee Training and Development?

    Long shot but I thought I'd ask anyway....

    I was asked to do a temporary assignment in our Staff Training and Development department for four months until the end of July. It is temporary but will be permanent in the near future. I can apply for the permanent position but would obviously have to go through the usual interview process- I didn't have to for the temporary position. The manager really wants me in the position and of course I really want it...BUT it is a very new department to me and I've never gone through an interview in this department so I don't know what to expect.

    Can anyone give me hints as to what to expect and what kind of questions to expect? I've been doing quite a bit of research but would like some first hand info!

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    25+ years instructional design and training professional here....

    First of all, do they have the training programs already developed and just want someone to present them? Or are you going to be expected to do the instructional design to develop the programs? Or do they want to evaluate programs or training vendors? Give just a bit more information and I'm sure people can advise you better.

    Hints for general research: take a look at the American Society for Training and Development (I would imagine they would have a sister society in Canada) and the Society for Human Resource Management.

    I love training and development and hope you will enjoy it too!

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    I was a training officer for air traffic controllers ... Just remember the trainee while in training will make mistakes, you have to remain calm resisting the urge to correct the mistake in order to see if the trainee does see the error and corrects the problem.... You have to understand the conditions and wait before jumping in to show them "this is how its done"

    Afterwards I would review what occured and how things could be been done better

    Worked pretty well, none ever killed anybody or crashed any aircraft together

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    I had a career as a corporate trainer and it was a promotion for me from a different management position. In the interview I had to conduct a training session, so perhaps expect some role-playing?

    oldernewbie's questions are good ones - how you answer those might give you some insight into how the interview would go. "What would you do if...." or "How would you design a program for...."
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    It's both developing training programs and doing the actual training. We are undergoing major changes in how we provide our service so there is a lot of training required. Additionally, I suspect there will be a lot of negativity towards the new service model. I, fortunately, am one of the few people with experience with the new service model and technology in the organization (which is why I think I was asked- plus I took it upon myself to create troubleshooting guides) but have only a bit of actual training experience- I have done it but not with large groups of people.

    Clanter- fortunately I do not run the risk of killing anyone in my field....unless something goes terribly horribly wrong....

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