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    Default Side effects of adequan injections?

    I'm mulling adequan (sp) injections with my dog, and was wondering if there was downside apart from the possibility it just wouldn't have any real positive effect. Dog is 13, moderate arthritis, already on rimadyl and dasuquin, has historically had a tricky stomach and eats a prescription bland diet for that. Any information/advice about adequan welcome! My vet doesn't know much about it, but it always gets such positive reviews here.

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    Very low chances of side effects. One can be irritation at injection site.

    It's much safer than any NSAIDs. The sensitive stomach issue you may be having with your dog could be increased due to the Rimadyl. Make sure you are giving that with food.

    I don't think you have anything to worry about with the Adequan.
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    My dog has a history of high alt liver enzymes and slightly elevated post bile acid test. She did not handle the adequan well at all. Her reaction made me do research and I discovered it is not recommended for dogs with liver issues. She is only 4 lbs, a chi, which I think could be part of the problem. Good luck with your pup!
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    My pibble was getting Adequan injections for a few years and never had any issues.

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    if you read the full product label, it says:

    no real toxicity until they hit 10 times the proper dose, most reactions were very minor, and use with caution in dogs with liver/kidney/bleeding disorders:

    Toxicity: In a subacute toxicity study, 32 adult beagle dogs (4 males and 4 females per treatment group) received either 0.9% saline solution or PSGAG at a dose of 5 mg, 15 mg, or
    50 mg per kg of body weight (approximately 2.3, 6.8, or 22.7 mg/lb), via intramuscular injection twice weekly for 13 weeks. PSGAG doses represent approximately 1X, 3X, and 10X
    the recommended dosage of 2 mg/lb, and more than 3 times the recommended 4week
    duration of treatment. Necropsies were performed 24 hours after the final treatment. During
    week 12, one dog in the 50 mg/kg dosage group developed a large hematoma at the injection site which necessitated euthanasia. No other mortalities occurred during the treatment
    period. Statistically significant changes in the 50 mg/kg group included increased prothrombin time, reduced platelet count, an increase in ALT and cholesterol, and increased liver
    and kidney weights. Increased cholesterol and kidney weights were also noted in the 15 mg/kg group. Microscopic lesions were noted in the liver (Kupffer cells containing
    eosinophilic foamy cytoplasm), kidneys (swollen, foamy cells in the proximal convoluted tubules), and lymph nodes (macrophages with eosinophilic foamy cytoplasm) in the
    15 mg/kg and 50 mg/kg groups. Intramuscular inflammation, hemorrhage, and degeneration were seen in all 3 PSGAG treated groups; the incidence and severity appeared dose

    Contraindications: Do not use in dogs showing hypersensitivity to PSGAG. PSGAG is a synthetic heparinoid; do not use in dogs with known or suspected bleeding disorders.
    Reproductive Safety: Studies to establish the safety of Adequan ® Canine in breeding, pregnant, or lactating dogs have not been conducted.
    Precaution: Use with caution in dogs with renal or hepatic impairment.
    Adverse Reactions: In the clinical efficacy trial, 24 dogs were treated with Adequan ® Canine twice weekly for 4 weeks. Possible adverse reactions were reported after 2.1% of the
    injections. These included transient pain at the injection site (1 incident), transient diarrhea (1 incident each in 2 dogs), and abnormal bleeding (1 incident). These effects were mild
    and selflimiting
    and did not require interruption of therapy.

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    Jul. 13, 2008


    You guys are awesome. Thanks!

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    Usually the only real dire side effect is to your bank account! =) You can use it on cats too but I don't know the dose.
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