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    Default Another "naming help" thread

    I apologize....I know there are a lot of these.....

    I have two foals I'm trying to be creative with....any suggestions would be great.

    Dark Kestrel (Stormy Atlantic) x Tipping - Kipper Kelly

    Chestnut Colt with blaze.
    This colt is sweet and friendly...brave, he leads his mom out of the barn.

    Dark Kestrel (Stormy Atlantic) x Buckler - Concerto

    Bay Colt with star.
    This colt is huge, very feisty and thinks everyone needs to wrestle with him. More shy with people than the other colt.

    RIP Spider Murphy 4/20/02 - 10/31/10

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    Well I have no imagination, but since a Kestrel is a falcon maybe you could use that in some way. Red Falcon, Falcon Song (Concerto, I know reaching!).
    "Everyone will start to cheer, when you put on your sailin shoes"-Lowell George

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    Buckler's Hard for the second one. It's available and goes with Stormy Atlantic.

    Stick with seagoing for both. Is Seahawk available? The two birds that have that as an alternative name are the Osprey and the Skua.
    Another name for Skua is jaeger, which is German for hunter. Skua is available.

    After all, a Kipper is a smoked herring.
    "I'm a lumberjack, and I'm okay."
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    Dark Kestrel (Stormy Atlantic) x Tipping - Kipper Kelly: Going with the kestrel/falcon connection and a tip being an "unexpected extra", How about Falcon's Bounty?

    Dark Kestrel (Stormy Atlantic) x Buckler - Concerto: Dark Armor.
    Life-long horse lover, dreaming of the day when I have one of my very own.

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