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    Eyes up!

    Wasn't there some place in the midwest where the Army trained cavalry that had all sorts of stuff like this? Part of weeding the garden, I guess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by caradino View Post
    Oh good Lord NO. I will gallop UP hills all day long, but ride DOWN?! No thank you!
    When we were training for endurance competitions, it was standard NEVER to gallop up, you trotted, walked, got off and let the horse pull you up, etc.
    Down hill?
    It depended on where you were and your footing, some places you could make time and it was safe for the horses, unlike up hill, where your horse had to strain to get up there.

    I don't know what endurance training is today, could be different.
    We know so much more today, maybe today there is up hill galloping.

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    Actually, I do remember a slope - coming down a steep mountainside.
    Most of us rode zig zag, but my daughter's little QH came straight down.
    She just bent her hocks and crouched down so that her back was level like a
    horse on level ground. Her fat little bottom made it easy for her.
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    Going down hill always makes me visualize a cartoon like snowball effect of rolling rolling rolling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bluey View Post
    You do have to sit exactly like the fellow is in that picture.
    That is the hardest to teach a beginner, in a short slide of a few feet.
    Normally humans want to lean far back and that would slingshot them over the horse's head at some time, putting the weight also wrong for the horse to carry you, not over the front end.
    I learned that the hard way...little trail pony and I made it down the slope, where I promptly flipped over her head.

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    oh sure...we used to ride the sand pits..on Arabians but not THAT steep and not that unforgiving...though we'd like to think so

    There are some scary Aarmy pics from long ago!

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