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    Default Random Color Question

    Anybody ever seen the legs of a dark bay/black horse bleach out? I farm sit for a family that has a little mare who looks dark bay right when she sheds, but quickly turns buckskin-with-dark-roots. However, her legs are a chocolatey color then. Would the silver dilution do this? She's a tb/appy crossish. maybe POA instead of appy.

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    LP, one of the genes for appy pattern does that VERY often.
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    Is the mare outside 24/7? Could her coat possibly just be bleaching in the sun really bad? My gelding is a dark bay but bleaches horribly in the summer. Last year he pretty much looked like a sooty buckskin rather than a bay. (and no chances he carries the silver dilution gene)
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    Didn't know that about appys. And yes, she bleaches badly, I've just never seen the legs of a dark horse bleach like that. My mare turns orange but her legs stay black.

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    A brown horse can have lower legs that are dark enough to pass for black in the Winter coat, but then bece chocolate in the Summer cost.
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