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    Default Dog food math

    My crazy little Amish store has some new dog food. They still have the Wellness for cheap so I'm still buying that but I notice now they have some other sort of food. It comes in a plain white 50 lb bag and the ingredients are "sweet potatoes, chicken meal, chicken fat, chicken" then some pea protein and misc predictable ingredients from there. The protein is 21% and fat is 10%, the way I read this there must be a LOT more potatoes than chicken meal?

    I'm not really interested in this food but it did make me wonder...what kind of food is that? Am I reading it correctly that to be 21% the potato to chicken meal ratio must be pretty dramatic? Does this sound like a recognizable brand of dog food?

    It could be a different kind of food that was rebagged to clear it out or who knows what. It costs $17/bag but this being the clearance type of goofy store who knows what it really is. I'm still paying $7.50 for 20 lbs of Wellness Core and am happy with that.

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    Sounds an awful lot like the Natural Balance stuff--most of it is carb first, protein second. And...yep...they have a Sweet Potato and Chicken formula that is pretty close to what you saw.

    Yes, there's a lot of sweet potato in there. Chicken meal comes in at 65% protein so there doesn't have to be much of it to hit that 21% number.

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    Yep I think that's it! I remember the flax and the chicken fat being the third ingredient caught my attention. I got lost in the rest of the ingredients. Weird-wonder why it ended up in generic white Dog Food bags!

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