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    Default Dead, starving horses found at Oklahoma City horse park

    Dead, starving horses found at Oklahoma City horse park, police say

    OKLAHOMA CITY —A woman has been arrested after one dead, and several starving horses were found Monday at a metro horse park, police said. An Oklahoma City animal welfare officer called police to the Wallace Horse Park in the 1400 block of South Western Avenue after finding one horse dead and several others starving.

    According to officers, the horses' ribs showed after their winter blankets were removed. A veterinarian euthanized a horse, named Roy, that was unable to stand, and two other horses.

    The horses' owner, Rhonda Leigh Haynie, 47, was arrested on five complaints of animal cruelty. Animal welfare officers said they had been investigating Haynie for neglect for several months.

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    Why does this go on for several months?! WHY!!!!??? Argh this is just infuriating. They know about it but do nothing until it's too late. What do they expect to happen?

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    I don't get it, why wait until they are dying???
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    Quote Originally Posted by BansheeBreeze View Post
    Why does this go on for several months?! WHY!!!!??? Argh this is just infuriating. They know about it but do nothing until it's too late. What do they expect to happen?
    This makes absolutely no sense. I realize there are steps that need to happen before someone is arrested in cases like this but how can the authorities let it continue knowing what a bad situation the horses were in.

    Shame on Rhonda Leigh Haynie and the authorities for allowing this to go on. No excuse for this. I hope the other horses are able to bounce back.
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    Well, if they were wearing blankets.. it may not be as visible!

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    A friend of mine was offered a starving older Morgan. She didnt have room for him but wanted to help the horse.I did, so he came to me, but my friend paid for his feed. He had been blanketed all winter and oh my when the blanket came off in the spring he was starved down. Who does that ???? Put a blanket on in the winter and take it off in the spring ??? And no checking in between ? He had wear marks on his withers and a blank stare. The damn blanket didnt cover up the lack of expression in his eyes. After being treated well for a few days, his eyes started to soften and shine. He put weight back on and bloomed. The owner - who said she didnt know the boarding stable had done this to him - wanted him back. We said no and found a great home for him where he languished for his remaining years.
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    I've heard of the blanket thing often enough. Covering them up can be problematic, you can't see the weight loss. I've got the old guy who is a hard keeper and I like to keep him covered and warm to keep his caloric expenditure low, but I go out and stick my hand under there and feel for ribs too.
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