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    Default Fecal egg counts

    Does anybody do their own fecal egg counts? If so, do you use a McMaster's slide? Weigh the sample? Identify every thing that could possibly be an egg?
    My vet recommended doing my own counts but she just uses a random sample size, a regular microscope slide and counts the big, grey strongil eggs to get a 0, +1, +2, +3 to signify zero to high egg count. Basically she's looking for a worm now, worm in about 30 days or wait a couple of months to recount decision. Then she recommends a recount 2 weeks after worming to make sure the product was effective.
    I'm primarily concerned because I'm only counting one worm species. I know bots won't show up, tapeworms are unlikely to be shedding detectable numbers of eggs at any given moment, but I worry that I'm not checking for any other worms.
    I do have a nice scope and my vet sold me the tools and a gallon of Feca-Sol to do these basic counts. But my degree in biology is screaming that there's stuff I'm seeing that I can't identify and that causes me some concern.
    Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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    There isn't a "worm in 30 days" scenario unless it's weather/seasonal related, as in, you do a FEC too early in the year, the count is low enough to not deworm them, but in 30 days or so you deworm because it's the right time of year. A FEC needs to be an actual count - not +1 or +2 or +3. 200 is the line at which you deworm - 175 is a "high low" and you probably wouldn't deworm but may do another FEC in 30 days (or even just 2 weeks). 205 is a deworm situation.

    If you only count strongyles, that's a place to start. If it's an adult horse, you almost don't have to worry about ascarids.
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    When I was a lab manager and had a handy centrifuge, I used to count eggs per gram using a modified Wisconsin technique:

    I don't own a McMasters slide, but I've also done this method using a regular slide and coverslip. I just counted for my own reference:

    These days, I send them out because I don't feel like dealing with manure in my kitchen.
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