Sorry, but I burst out laughing at that one.
Yea - welcome to my life.

My mother used to say - "How are they outsmarting you, you would have thought of ALL of those tricks?" to which I'd say "I think they took all of that right out of me when pregnant for them."

*sigh* My eldest and my youngest are MASTERS of turning situations around to make lemonade from lemons. Which is totally a valuable talent until you are trying to punish them, in which case it becomes the most annoying skill on the face of the planet.

Anyway - as far as the bus is concerned...those policies of getting the child on the bus and letting others pass, not calling into the house, etc. etc. are district related - those are not necessarily parental choices. Interestingly, the challenge is that those school administrative decisions are often driven by a fear of being sued, and have zilch-all to do with parents (helicopter or not).

Gotta love our litigious society.