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    Default Florida and summer pasture heaves horse

    My DH is really wanting to move to Florida either this year or next year depending on how the business goes. I want to move somewhere warmer also and while I don't think I'm crazy about Florida I'm sick of being cold. I am almost ALWAYS cold!

    My concern is for my 97' morgan mare. She coughs in the summer and it's controlled by very low dose of dex (a few weeks through July-Sept.)This year I was going to try to keep in during the day when the humidity is at it's worst and when the deer flies are out and turn her out at night. She has allergies to deer flies and molds and the air quality seems to effect her also.

    Since it's warm most of the year in Florida will her allergies be all year around?

    If so I really don't know what to do...if I had to find another home for her I'm not sure who would want her. She's not like the easiest horse to have. She's not a easy keeper like most morgans (not really a hard keeper but not easy), very herd bound in that she can't be left alone in a field or in the barn. She runs around like a looney if she is alone..and it's not in a normal get over it kind of way. Right now she has her own pony and seems to be content most of the time unless she is in her stall separated too long then she starts her pacing. I'm just glad she isn't herd bound when riding. She's a fun ride I think (maybe not everyone would think that).
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    It all depends on what part of Fl. I'm in North Fl (Just south of Jacksonville) and it gets pretty darn cold here in the winter. We usually get 2 or 3 freezes and then we'll get days in the 80's. South Fl is a different story. One of mine has allergy problems and I have him on dex from about may until Sept.. This year I'm thinking of trying acupuncture.
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    I am on the MS Gulf Cost, so similar climate to the FL panhandle - though I swear it's much hotter and more humid in the summer. I have an older mare w/ heaves, anhydrosis, and insect allergies. Winters are better for her breathing, and in the summer, I treat w/ ventipulmin / clenbuterol if needed and keep Dex on hand (which I haven't used). She has free access to the pasture and the barn, so she brings herself into the barn when bugs / heat are bad. The barn has fans, and when the heat index is high; she gets hosed down, and I use a water misting system on a timer in conjunction w/ the fans.

    For the bugs (specifically gnats & mosquitoes), I use equi-spot WEEKLY as it does not last 2 weeks. When It gets really hot, and I am hosing her down daily; I switch to Mosquito Halt spray after her hosing & drying.

    My mare & both hate the heat & humidity, but it is doable - you just need to think about your barn/shelter setup.

    My other suggestion is Chaffehaye. Due to Hurricane Isaac removing our hay supply, we switched over to Chaffhaye; and I believe it has helped my mare's breathing tremendously. I really think that she is allergic to the hay more than the pasture -- when the humidity is 80-90%, and you are storing hay in your barn; I have to believe there is mold growing - even if it isn't detectable by sight /smell. I also bedded the barn floor with a 6+ inch layer of peat moss as a foundation which is topped by 6+" of pine pellets mixed with sweet PDZ. Some people complain about pellet bedding being dusty, but in the summer w/ the humidity; you don't need to wet it down daily (after the initial wetting down to fluff it up).

    In conclusion, I don't think the management is impossible at all; but you definitely want a barn set up that works best for the climate. Good Luck!
    Disclaimer: Just a beginner who knows nothing about nothing

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