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    Default Pelleted bedding in trailer?

    I always put shavings down over mats. Would pelleted bedding be good-less dusty? Easier to clean? Anyone use it this way?

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    You can do it, but you must wet them and get them "fluffed" otherwise the horse is on marbles in terms of footing. Think of it as a stall...but they are dusty when fluffed and dry, so if the footing flies, the dust is worse than shavings.
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    When I brought home my foundered mare in a do-or-die situation, I put 10 bags of pellets in my trailer, spraying down each layer with water to "fluff" them. It provided a soft-but-stable surface for her to stand on.

    I actually prefer to use minimal bedding in my trailer, due to debris risk. When I do, yes, I use the pellets, and try to get them to a "half fluffed" point where they are half broken down, half pelleted. That way it's safe/comfortable for the horse to stand on, but I can get away with just one bag of pellets in my 2-horse, as the "unfluffed" pellets remaining in the mix soak up a ton of moisture.

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    I'm normally a minimalist re bedding in trailer. HOWEVER - recently the princess had colic surgery. (straight forward, no complexities, displacement, all is well) I went to bring her home - also an uneventful trip, but discovered that the inside of the trailer was reminding me of the BP Oil Spill. Maresy had been given quite a bit of oil in hospital, and much of it found its way out and onto the floor and wall of the trailer. (not to mention her butt).
    SO after a broom-and-Dawn dishsoap bath for trailer innards, I tossed a layer of pellets on the floor. They did a great job of absorbing the remaining oil.

    I think it took three Dawn baths to get the darn oil out of the tail...
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    They are usually NEVER less dusty than shavings unless you really wet them down, and I would not want unsoaked pellets in my trailer anyway. In the trailer is the only place I can abide those big, flaky shavings--less dust.
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    Pellets would be more dusty not less. I would never use them in a trailer. Complications and stress from respiratory issues--usually caused by dust and the horse's inability to get their head lowered while in a trailer to cough and clear out their airways --is one of the biggest health risks of trailering a horse.

    I very purposefully don't use anything at all on the floor.

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    My experience with bedding in trailers is that if it can blow around, it will. As a result I have a small store of straw, just for trailering. I find a flake or two goes a long way.
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