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    Default selling tack/clothing via a consignment store

    About a month ago I dropped off some clothing, tack, and a pair of brand new tall boots still in the box at a consignment store to be sold. I had tried selling all of it myself with no luck. Since the show season is right around the corner I wanted the tall boots to get on the shelf asap.

    I stopped in today because I hadn't heard anything from the store owner and couldn't find any of my things on the shelves. I asked the owner and she said that she hadn't even gotten to them yet, they were in a box in the back room. I was annoyed because I would have a better chance selling them by renewing my ads online than if they just sit in the back room of the store!

    Should I wait it out longer? There are a few tack sales coming up and if I can get a table, I might be better off selling the items there - at least I wouldn't have to give up a huge chunk of the profit! I have never sold things at a consignment store before - is it normal that they don't go right out on the shelf?

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    A month? That's ridiculous. I would take my items to a different store.

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    Ok thanks...I really wasn't sure but if I had known they would sit in the back for a month I wouldn't have left them in the first place so I feel like it is appropriate to take them back.

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    A month is a long time to wait to have your stuff sold. I would either find another store, or take them to a tack sale.

    Whatever you end up doing, good luck!
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