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    I think an important factor, is if you will use the dealer for a lot of maintenance that you like having contact with them. I had a Ford and hated the service people at three different dealerships. It's the major reason I didn't get another one. The Dodge dealers were great to deal with where I lived, the next place they were OK. The Honda dealers at two towns, have been wonderful. I would ask owners in your area about their experiences with the local dealer, and then decide on a vehicle, because dealing with someone who treats you badly for sales or service is miserable.

    I only know one person that didn't like her Subaru, and it wasn't the car but the service department.
    You can't fix stupid-Ron White

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    Ooo I love the looks of the Subaru Crosstrek!
    25 mpg city doesn't cut it for me tho.
    Not that I am looking for a new car - I love my little hatchback (2008 Saturn Astra!), it's like a mini station wagon with room for dogs / hay / shavings etc., it gets 33 mpg city, and, last but not least, it really handles like a little sports car! I seldom have to hit the brakes, hehe (manual transmission of course).

    But, living in New England, I've been eyeing the Subarus and was very disappointed when they came up with the latest Impreza. The one right before that looked MUCH better IMO.

    As for wagons...I'd probably get a VW or an Audi.
    Ottbs - The finish line is only the beginning!

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    Subarus arent great on gas, the backseats are only fit for monkeys ( no knee room) and the a/c doesnt reach the back passengers. However it is my go to car in bad weather.
    Look for a back window that is straight up and down. A slanted window makes those cubic feet unusable imo.
    I read the title and thought "woodies". Those were station wagons.

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    Do the manual transmission Subarus still have the anti-rollback feature? If the clutch is depressed and the brakes are applied while in reverse, they lock until the clutch is released. Very handy when starting up on a steep hill.
    “There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation. One is by the sword. The other is by debt.”
    John Adams

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    Great replies, thanks everybody! COTH rocks.

    We're off this weekend to check out Subaru's and VWs. Hopefully we'll find something that fits what we need.

    At first it seemed like there were so many options, now it seems like everything isn't quite right. Its' worse than horse shopping. DH is one of those people that doesn't like to compromise, so it should be pretty interesting. He wants everything on the list for "X" amount of dollars.

    Thanks everybody!

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