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    Default Sand clear vs metamucil

    I was just doing some research on how much psyllium is in metamucil and sand clear to figure out how much to give my horses. One of them has had a couple recent bouts of mild colic and I just floated his poop and found a about a teaspoon of sand in 3 fecal balls.
    The metamucil site states that there are 3.4 grams of psyllium per tablespoon. The smartpak site states that there are 102,500 mg (or 102.5 grams) per maintenance dose which appears to be 2.5 oz. There are 4.5 tablespoons in 2.5 oz (average) which would mean that for the same amount of metamucil given you are only feeding 15 grams of psyllium.
    I didn't realize there was such a huge difference so unless I did any of this math wrong, I thought I'd just pass the info along!

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    Do you just give one packet of the sand clear a month or is it weekly through SP? Where I board, he gets sand clear twice a month, but in the summers I go to a place where they don't feed Sand Clear and I do it myself. A boarder there said that she gave her horse 2x scoops of the Metamucil once a week and recommended it to me. I did not switch, but I always wondered.
    I am on my phone 90% of the time. Please ignore typos, misplaced lower case letters, and the random word butchered by autocowreck.

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    Did you actually weight 4.5 table spoons of Metamucil? I've fed enough of each to think that 4-5 tablespoons of Metamucil will weigh much less than a dose of sand clear.

    Also, I've had equally good results (before and after sand test) with both products. That said, I go with sand clear or a generic when its locally available just because it easy and not that much price difference.

    My horses get a double dose from 1-3 days as needed.

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    I have used Smartpaks SmartSandPurge (I think that is the name). I prefer it over the Sand Clear. Regular Sand Clear gave my horse diarrhea (which I know is a side effect) but the SmartPurge did not. It also has the probiotics so it helped with so much more.

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