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    Default Two Riders and Their Horses Struck by Vehicle in Vermont

    A bad day for these riders and horses. No graphic images at link. Do read the comments from horse people to the accident posted below the article.
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    Saw that story - awful...

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    How very tragic for the horses and riders and owner(s). From the comments, the riders were doing just what they were supposed to - riding single file, with traffic - and were hit from behind.

    I had my last ride alongside a paved road a couple of years ago. I was riding along a farm-to-market road, saw one car coming in the opposite direction travelling too fast and over the speed limit, waved at him to slow down. Whereupon he crossed the center line, still speeding, and headed right for me and my horse. Horse, having a good sense of self-preservation, spooked sideways into the ditch and the idiot missed us. But the incident made me realize that it doesn't matter how bombproof the horse or skilled the rider - ride anywhere near a paved road and you and your horse are only as safe as the most dimwitted moron driver present allows you to be.
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    I've been on that road, and seen the kind of drives who would have done this. I just hope the injured surviving horse continues to heal and that the humans involved can heal both physically and emotionally.
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    Ya, there was a thread on this yesterday, and its been on our local board too. Just very sad. Jingles for the survivors.

    VT is a funny place to drive in. People seem to either drive really, really slow or really, really fast. And the roads are very twisty and narrow. My parents live up there, and my mom says there is a real problem with drunk drivers

    Lots of horses in Woodstock, you'd think people would be looking out for them.

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    IT seems like as long as I have ridden there have been times that I feared for my horse and myself riding on dirt roads single file, moving off the road, and still drivers seem to try and cause something to happen.
    So very sorry for those riders and their horses.

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    Default Driver Charged in Horse Death on Road

    The driver who last weekend hit and killed a horse in Vermont, and injured two riders and another horse, identified by the Vermont Standard newspaper as Lawrence Allen of Bloomfield, VT, has been charged:

    I am very interested to learn whether some kind of distracted driving was involved. From all reports, the stretch of road is marked for equestrian traffic, has good visibility, the two were single file.......

    There is a photo with an earlier report, not graphic but not happy times, of a rider receiving first aid while a horse, standing and not appearing obviously injured, is held nearby. But I do not know whether that is the horse that was subsequently euthanized.

    RIP poor horse and hope riders can heal.

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